Record Stores and Indie Labels Want Albums to Be Released on Mondays

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Earlier this year it was reported that the music industry is considering shifting to a global album release day in 2015. This makes sense, we live in the age of a global internet but are still trying to release albums on different days in different countries. Albums are released on Friday in Australia, Monday in the U.K., Tuesday in the U.S., etc.

The major labels, the IFPI, and the RIAA are on board with a Friday global release day. Independent labels and retailers aren’t so sure about this, they’ve now released a statement calling for a Monday global release day.

This idea has been endorsed by: Alliance Entertainment Corporation, Alliance of Independent Media Stores (AIMS), American Association of Independent Music (A2IM), Amoeba Music, Association of Independent Music (AIM), Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS), Department of Record Stores (DORS). Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), Hastings Entertainment Inc, Newbury Comics, Redeye, Rough Trade NYC, Rough Trade UK, and SC Distribution.

They say moving release days to Friday would be costly, and that many albums are already coming out on Mondays without issue.

Kim Bayley, Director General of the Entertainment Retailers Association, says:

“The evidence suggests that virtually all the benefits of a Global Release Date can be captured on a Monday without any additional costs. It is a no-brainer. The potential to create a New Music Monday focusing all of the industry’s marketing efforts at the beginning of the week is very exciting.”


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Image: Amoeba Music

15 Responses

  1. Justin Mayer / Plum Minnow

    ill release when i want how i want…

    i say what goes, not some thieving people who dont care about music anyways/./

    beat it!


    • jw

      You could release your music on the Pope’s birthday & I doubt even Jesus would give two shits.

      • doktor audio

        come on DMN hire this justin guy already! he’s going to re-write “lord of the music business” in no time.

        • Justin Mayer

          Haha thanks for that… 🙂

          I’d do some writing for sure and could use some income, and yes I can keep it clean and eloquent and spoken like I’m well learned with impeccable grammar and such…

          Not why I’m here, but I’m open to many different things…

  2. Sam @ Projekt

    “They say moving release days to Friday would be costly…”

    Pray tell WHAT would make it “costly” to release an album on Friday?

    Seems like an absurd statement.

    To me, Friday makes the most sense. People often get their paycheck Friday, and are entering the weekend, which is an optimistic, “let’s spend some money and have some fun” time of the week. By Tuesday, they’ve blown all their cash on booze (or weed, here in Oregon)…..

    • Nina Ulloa

      i really don’t think everyone is going to run to the record store on a friday evening. that’s like the only downtime between the work week and the weekend.

      • Versus

        Record stores are disappearing. So which market aspect of sales (or just buzz/hype even) is most important to consider in choosing the release day?

  3. steveh

    Monday is the best without a doubt.

    Allows the new release to propagate out through the week – starting fresh on Monday to reach a peak on Friday & Saturday.

    • Versus

      This also would be a great reason to actually look forward to Mondays. Less of a “Blue Monday”…

  4. There is something...

    Global release day ? That’s the latest idea to save the music industry ?
    Monday…Friday… right but in what part of the world ? Because when it’s monday in Australia and Japan, it’s still Sunday in the US…

  5. FarePlay

    Damn, that’s why CD sales are failing. Of course, it was Tuesday.

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  7. Dan

    Monday release date is bollocks. All digital releases in the UK are released on a Sunday anyway despite Monday being the official day.

    The arguments from (especially ERA) about Friday costing them more is complete and utter nonsense – it will cost no more to change a release date to Friday. iTunes, Amazon and HMV want it to change to Friday – who gives a fuck if a half dozen indie stores want otherwise?