Bob Dylan Gets Re-Released, Just for the Copyrights…

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Over the past couple of years, labels have been releasing material solely to extend their copyright claims.

This is because the European Union extended copyright on recordings to 70 years from 50 years.  But that’s a rule that only applies if the material has been released within the past 50 years.

We’re now 50 years from the 1960s, so a lot of material from the 60s is being re-released so labels can extend their copyright to 70 years. Labels often produce limited quantities of releases to make them difficult to get ahold of.

+Bob Dylan Manuscript Sells for $2 Million…

The New York Times reports that Sony will release a nine LP set of Bob Dylan recordings from 1964.  The release will contain outtakes and live recordings.  Sony is only releasing 1,000 copies.

Two releases from the Beach Boys have also just come out: Keep an Eye on Summer: The Beach Boys Sessions 1964 and The Beach Boys Live in Sacramento 1964.


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  1. Adam C Smith

    Good! I hope there are more limited releases of older material for the sake of extending the copyright period.