What a Successful Indie Artist Makes on Bandcamp…

During the first nine months of this year, successful indie artist Zöe Keating made $1,916 on Spotify.  Here’s what she’s made so far on Bandcamp.

Document: Zoe Keating Bandcamp 2014 YTD (All Sales)

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  1. Jeff Robinson

    Yeah, but what about songwriting royalties through BMI/ASCAP?

    What about Soundexchange royalties for any online radio streaming or on-demand services that offer radio-style streaming?

    Or Mechanicals?

    This is only 1/4 of the digital royalty picture…

  2. DeezNizzuhh

    $42K Bandcamp vs. $1.9K Spotify

    Welp….I’m taking my music off Spotify.

  3. Justin Mayer / Plum Minnow

    Not too shabby… Good job, still a bit skewed based on a few things, never the less, well done…

    The real lesson here, is stick to the niches and leave the popular music and genres and major games to the evil thieving raping killing criminals…

      • Justin Mayer / Plum Minnow

        Why you always coming back for more GGG???

        It’s skewed because it lacks the full disclosure and big picture view, of many different things…

        It’s skewed because no one is in her looking out through her eyes upon what her world is, therefore no matter what anyone else looking in from outside sees, they will have a skewed perspective.

        The numbers themselves are somewhat skewed because it lacks the full drawn out investigation that would therefore help quantify the numbers as such. It lacks the extreme nausea it takes to fully understand what each persons numbers mean in relation to not only the industry but each and every other person.

        The sales report itself is skewed for the same reasons. Lacking full disclosure, lacking details, lacking comparisons and expanding studies and investigations…

        I am not saying the report itself is skewed meaning the numbers are not accurate, i am saying any conclusion made from such will be skewed, i am saying that anyone else who isnt exactly her will take from it a skewed view of what they mean.

        • GGG

          Because you never stop saying the dumbest shit imaginable, that’s why I “keep coming back for more.”

          As for the rest, I dunno how much more detail you want. It tells you what time someone bought her music, for fuck’s sake.

      • Justin Mayer / Plum Minnow

        Why do we need that sort of comparison?

        We should compare her numbers to others but only done so with a full disclosure full detailed full investigation on every level so that we can better understand and quantify what those numbers might actually mean to everyone else…

        We compare to a major artist in a popular genre who has taken a different path, is in a different genre, is under different contracts, who uses different platforms, who has different budgets and marketing plans and people and teams, well the comparison as one lump number is pointless and meaningless…

        The world has gotten putridly lazy and stupid and easily manipulated…

        Not too shabby in the big picture of things. Not too shabby when looking at what she has done the last year or two, not too shabby in general, just damn not too shabby…

        Being an independent niche artist who lacks much exposure to the masses or a wide demographic, who’s ceiling will be limited and who will have trouble penetrating anywhere simply because thats just the way it is, thats a decent number essentially any reasonable living person can exist on alone. Therefore in my books that is not too darn shabby!!

  4. Ray

    This is not comparing apples to apples. The assumption is that the same amount of people went to Spotify as went to Bandcamp. That fact is that Zoe directs her fan base to buy from Bandcamp. Her Bandcamp page is built into her website. She has very dedicated fans that will buy her music where she tells them two.

    The data here is presented as if both activities were just passive fan activities without any outside influence. That’s just not the case. The reader is left thinking, “I’ll have a lot more sales on Bandcamp than the revenue I make from Spotify!” Maybe. If you have fans that you direct to buy your music at Bandcamp.

    I’m not a Spotify apologist, but it’s irritating that this blog continually manipulates data to tell a misleading story.

  5. Andy

    Another thing left out here is that Zoë does not have all her music on Spotify. Spotify pays out based on how many plays you get. So if you don’t put all your music on Spotify, the revenues will most likely be lower because people are more likely to listen through 3 albums with 10 songs, than play the same song 30 times.
    When I discover an artist on Spotify, I’ll generally listen to 2 or 3 albums if I like what I hear.

    I’d be willing to bet that Zoë’s revenues would be 2-4 times larger if all her work was on Spotify.

  6. Rubby

    WHat is with the relentless advocates for Spotify? I can tell you coming from the photo side as well, that all of these services that rely on ‘trust us, we’ll calculate what to pay you’ and then send you checks for pittances, are ripoff business models that have to be boycotted and left behind. The net is plenty capable of new paradigms all the time. Regular radio still exists. There are plenty of venues to go to, without having Spotify cannabilize your sales. Word of Mouth is still king, and not having your music on Ripoffify forces those seeking your songs to get them elsewhere.

    • GGG

      Here’s the thing, it goes both ways. Anecdotally, for every 1 album I’ve looked for on Spotify, saw it wasn’t there, and bought, I’ve NOT bought about 10 more and probably not even bothered looking elsewhere. In other words, people ARE NOT ‘forced’ to find it elsewhere; only if they truly want to hear it. And in a music culture of essentially an infinite number of bands, people aren’t going to plop down $10 every time they hear a song they kinda like.

      And where else would you send people to not cannibalize sales but not necessarily buy? If Spotify cannibalizes, why doesn’t Bandcamp’s free streaming, why doesn’t SoundCloud’s free streaming, etc etc. If you don’t want to cannibalize, stay off Spotify, sure. But don’t think you’re beating the system when you get a bunch of unmonetized streams elsewhere.

  7. Whoever

    More useless reporting from DMN (official Spotify haters).

    Only a few days ago it was ‘Spotify charge $1 for 3 months access’ (sensible)

    Now this. How can anyone compare Bandcamp sales to Spotify.

    Total idiocy..

  8. JJ

    Completely different revenue streams here. You cannot compare direct-to-fan sales to streaming. Of course here D2F sales are much higher than streaming royalties.. they should be.

    Here’s a good story for you. I make 1000% more from licensing my music for television than streaming.

    Maybe you should compare Bandcamp to iTunes and Amazon and then Spotify to Rdio and Beats. Then it’s actually interesting.

  9. Consultant

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