Rapper Bobby Shmurda Arrested for Alleged Gang Activity

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Rising rapper Bobby Shmurda has been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal use of drug paraphernalia, and more.

Authorities say the rapper is a member of Brooklyn Crip gang GS9. Fourteen other accused members have been charged with crimes as well. These alleged crimes include murder, attempted murder, and drug trafficking. The Associated Press says that police seized 21 guns during the investigation.

Bobby Shmurda (Ackquille Pollard) has plead not guilty. He is being held with bail at at $2 million. Pollard’s lawyer says that his label Epic Records will be assisting with bail.

If convicted, Pollard faces 8 to 25 years in prison.


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9 Responses

    • R.P.

      Thanks for letting us know that you are way too hip to know the kid… In reality, you are way too old, irrelevant, and completely out of touch, but cool for you bro.

      • Willis

        Reality is that more and more these days, “artists” use promotion over substance. How many rappers and hip hop “stars” simply get into hock buying cars, clothes and jewelry to fake it before they make it, or use negative press to get attention and build a reputation? This is one of those cases.

        The numbers on this guy just don’t add up to fame. Who cares that he performed with Beyonce. He’s small potatoes.

        Also, thanks for personally attacking me. Classy.

  1. Anonymous

    Police did the raid to steal alleged criminal proceedings.
    It is Christmas.
    Someone will have to pay for all that
    It is going to be the kids because after u are
    Finished locking all questionable blacks.
    U must change up the law to get the rest.
    Then that mix w/ new tech should do the trick.

  2. Anonymous

    Cops just wanted to steal his shit for Christmas.
    Like some kinda drug cartel.

  3. Andre

    Epic waste of Epic resources. How’s Wacka selling these days? Chief?

    ‘Weird how major labels became a casting agency for hip-hop reality tv …

  4. shaniqua

    bobby shmurda is bae and he should be released i would pay for his bail if i could DO NOT ARREST BOBBY SHMURDA (ackquille pollard)