Fat Possum Built a New Vinyl Pressing Plant

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Fans pretty much expect every album release to be released on vinyl now. The problem with this is limited resources. There aren’t enough pressing plants to meet demand, resulting in extremely slow turnaround times.

Record label Fat Possum has solved this problem by creating a vinyl pressing plant named Memphis Record Pressing, reports Billboard. The plant is a partnership with the owners of AudioGraphics Masterworks.

Fat Possum founder Matthew Johnson says he expects the plant to create 7,000 records a day, and hopes to press up to 14,000 records a day. To compare, United Record Pressing makes up to 40,000 records a day.

Memphis Record Pressing will also press records for some of the labels distributed by Sony RED Distribution. RED financed part of the pressing plant.


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Image by Todd, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0).

8 Responses

  1. jw

    Fat Possum is doing awesome things, I’ve got a bunch of their Hi Records repressings, & a few Townes repressings. And they’re putting out great new stuff, to boot… the last two John Paul Keith records are phenomenal.

    Looking forward to a lot of awesome records coming off these presses.

    • FarePlay

      For weekis it has takien extended time, sometimes as much as 12 hours for my comments to post. Am I the only one experiencing this problem, consistently?

  2. Anonymous

    Fans pretty much expect every album release to be released on vinyl now.


    Do you have studies and stats saying as such? With a good size census/survey base and not just a small handpicked grouping of audiophiles?

    I used to be a fan and i never once expected vinyl releases… i couldnt care less about vinyl, too expensive, too cumbersome, too much trouble…

    Im just curious where these statements come from?

    Is this supposed to make me think, oh dang now to be cool and follow i must want vinyl?

    The further i get into music the less i like it, especially as a fan…

    Record Labels and artists do not care about fans, anything suggesting as such is lies and PR and marketing and promotion and gimmicks etc. They simply just dont care about their fans…

  3. Consultant

    there is a viable market segment for vinyl. I, however, am not in that market. If a band has merch to sell at a show, most of what I see moving are still cds. I see fewer than 1% of bands with vinyl for sale. I book and/or work over 200 shows a year. I don’t see a lot of vinyl on merch tables.