Editorial Content from Vice and Warner Music, Now on Snapchat

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We knew Snapchat was working on a music strategy… for now, music fits in as part of a wider media integration.

Snapchat has added a Discover section that features daily content from CNN, Vice, Warner Music, and others.

Snapchat had been in negotiations with Sony Music, but the label is absent from the first round of content partners.

Snapchat Discover features daily “stories” from media partners, including editorial and videos. Users can swipe up when they see something they’re interested in for an in-depth look.

The picture messaging app has also simplified the contacts view, and has given each user a unique badge. Other users can scan the unique badge with their phone to easily pull up a Snapchat profile.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more. Follow her on Twitter: @nine_u

3 Responses

  1. Randy Nichols

    This looks like it could get some major views for these media partners quickly. I’m excited to have already licensed a song to be used in content from one of these first snaps too!

  2. Me

    Does anybody know what kind of deal they reached w/ Warner to stream their music videos?

  3. Jason

    Every time I see the words Snap chat now I just think of that Rawcus song Snap Chat Me Dem Titties. Heard it once and it was stuck in my head. Hit.