Guvera Hits 2M Indian Users in 2 Months, Plans to Be the “Largest Streaming Music Company”

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The streaming music race in India is picking up.

Rdio acquired Dhingana, Saavn hired a former Google executive, and Guvera expanded to India in November.

After just two months Guvera says they have hit 2 million users in India. Compare this to Saavn, which has 11 million monthly users… but Saavn has been around for almost six years.

Guvera is working on adding branded channels in India, partnering with companies such as Kotak Bank and Nikon.

MusicWeek reports that Guvera is set to expand into the U.K. and western Europe, which could make them a threat for brands like Spotify and Deezer. Guvera recently acquired Blinkbox Music, a company that has presence in these regions.

Guvera says they plan to be in 20 new markets by June, and in 100 new markets by the end of the year. They intend to be the largest streaming music company in five years.


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