TuneGO Raises $1.2M Because They’re Going to Help New Artists Get Discovered

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TuneGO has been in beta for the past 12 months, and they say that 1,000 artists have signed up for their platform (although they don’t mention how many of these users are active).

The platform will come out of free beta this quarter, and will add services that artists can pay for. They think they will solve the problem of discovery for independent artists.

Artists can upload their music for distribution to Spotify, Slacker, and APM music. The platform also offers licensing opportunities, feedback, event opportunities, and connections to producers.

TuneGO proudly announces that their team of producers has worked with Madonna, Barry Manilow, and KISS. It’s worth noting that all of their listed producers are men that are about 60 years old.

The company has raised $1.2 million in private funding.


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9 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Radio and streaming converted to money making music store will resolve forever the issue of ARTIST or GREAT MUSIC discovery. All other attempts or patches around YouTube or Spotify are hopeless.

    • Anonymous

      Reading your posts are like reading the label on a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s shampoo.

      • Remi Swierczek

        Thanks for letting me know.
        It’s encouraging to be almost a brand name.

  2. Jason

    There are a lot of services that exploit artists’ desire for notoriety. I’m pretty sure it’s artists footing the bill. I signed up to see what it was but no real information yet. No free lunch anywhere.

  3. Big Swifty

    Just what the music business needs, another middleman marketing company.

  4. don't get it

    who would invest the $1.2M? have any of these types of sites ever made a penny?

  5. Anonymous

    this is one of the very few areas to be in for art and music, servicing artists and musos and rich kids and trust funders and fame dreamers…

    lets be real for a moment, if T to the dot Swizzle, the Obama of music, who somehow has captured the hearts and minds of just about every demographic, from hipsters to fashionistas, from indy musos to the most commercial major puppets around, from soccer moms and their toddlers and tweeners, to the exact opposite, she has the music industry in the palm of her hand and the whole world at her feet lapping it all up, the show is in her pocket, she has the right people all over the place and everyone just adores her something special, she kills social media, every corp and bran want to be in bed with her, she has huge budgets, massive videos, a rabid fanbase, and not only that, she is smart enough to date certain kool kids and acquire their fanbase as well, so shes got 1ders and eddies army and selener is supposed like her bestest so shes got the selenators and the list goes on and on, so her army troops ready to take a bullet for her like the secret service swifties just like mush dogs on a leash ready to pull her to victory… so after all that, her face everywhere, her music everywhere, just the god deity superstar uber duper greatest most incredible artist singer entertainer to ever bless anyone ever, in the biggest music market, with a huge global reach, to billions and billions of people just ready to kill for her, and she can ship perhaps a few million records??????

    add to that the competition, in the business and from other forms of entertainment, the lack of support and funding, the lack of sponsorship opportunities, the rising costs everywhere, the fickleness of fans and the cynical state of consumers, i mean seriously, who the heck is looking at music as any place ever to have any sort of career anymore as the artist??

    so servicing artists to reach their delusional dreams of stratosphere stardom is about the only place to still pay the bills, cause being the artist is certainly not the place to be, at all….