Samsung Tells Millions of Koreans to Stop Paying for Music…

This is an advertisement recently run by Samsung in South Korea (translations on the right).  The company has now pulled the spot, and issued an apology on Facebook.


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    This is what happens when people allow a few big corporations to control everything! The CEO’s and big wigs become the pimps and everybody else becomes an underpaid or unpaid prostitute.

  2. Anonymous

    Who cares. It’s a legally licensed radio service. Radio has been marketed as free sources of music for decades. No matter how they advertise it radio services cannot and will not replace sales or on-demand streaming.

  3. Sarah Popejoy

    This is why streaming sucks as it is… Although this is South Korea… It’s why greater attention needs to be paid and an industry needs to be changed. It’s called stealing folks. Musicians, songwriters, artists and producers should be compensated period.

  4. Remi Swierczek

    Thank you labels!
    I bet this expansion of Milk is part of 2015 “budget” at Warner.
    Congratulations for fueling your own HOUSE INFERNO.

    Licensing treadmill is spinning so fast I hope they don’t harm themselves!
    Industry has immunity – it’s HARMED almost beyond repair.

  5. whats the deal

    This is akin to Pandora saying the same thing, or iTunes telling users to try iRadio because it is awesome (not) and free (true). Perhaps not a tactful ad, but at least they are encouraging users to listen to music legitimately.

  6. Versus

    Disgusting. The problem is not that they are promoting a legitimate free service; the problem is that they only criticize BitTorrent not for being an illegal copyright violator but for taking “time and energy” (Thieves these days! So lazy and uncreative!)

    • Name2

      Er, pirating IS a time-consuming PITA. For anybody whose time is valuable, piracy is probably the last resort.

      You can compete with free. You can’t compete with easy.

  7. Willis

    How is this free streaming service different from any other free streaming service that currently exists?