Nicki Minaj’s Tour Manager Murdered

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Two of Nicki Minaj’s tour crew members were stabbed in Philadelphia in the early hours of Wednesday morning. One of the men died, and the other is currently in the hospital.

Buzzfeed reports that tour manager De’Von “Day Day” Pickett was the one killed. The other man, Eric Parker, is in the hospital.

The two men were in town for Minaj’s tour rehearsals.

According to LinkedIn, Pickett previously worked on tours with Britney Spears, N*E*R*D, and Kanye West.  Pickett also co-founded branding and communications agency BK NERD & CO.  The agency’s clients include Vespa NYC.

Police believe that an argument between the two victims and third man moved from a bar to the sidewalk.  The third man then pulled out a knife.  No arrests have been made yet.


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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t advocate violence and I don’t want to see anyuone hurt or starving or facing injustice or anything negative or bad at all, ever, as I believe life and survival throughout the history of life has been enough for all of us, and no one truly deserves this, but often there are causes and reactions, so somehow its hard not to say that knowing how onika and her posse of thug criminals operates, that this is not somehow deserving of how they are living and operating and treating people, karma perhgaps finally kicking in… again, terrible to hear of such violence around music especially urban music, but she’s lucky I haven’t done similar to her and her people, which I never would, but they are obviously doing the same ish to others, others who may not have the moral compass I do or the control and restraint or good hearted loving tendancies… they got lucky with me, it appears they may not with others…

    • DNog

      Wow, you wen’t from respectable human to utter racist-dumbass in one paragraph. I’m not even mad, quite impressed.

      • Name2

        Paragraphs which begin with “I don’t advocate violence, […] but […]” rarely end well.

        • Anonymous

          is what it is…

          its the murda bidness as they call it, and i think they love it, is what it is…

          any paragraph i write doesnt end well, same as it ever was, years later, nearly a decade, actually, yeah, about a decade now, same as it ever was…

          poor girl…

          • Anonymous

            racist psycho clown??

            and what makes you believe as such?

            what reason do you have to believe im a racist?

            im the least racist guy around that is for sure, and as far as psycho goes, well, the states, the show, the media and her crew and a lot of the majors put on a massive campaign to try and make me some villain, to try and ruin me and defame me, and its hard to defend myself against you and them, and then to have places like this delete every defense i have just trying not to be ruined forever in the business world, it hurts a little, i mean, how did i become like the bin laden here?? im the nicest lovingest most non racist person around its unbelievable, whoever would think im some racist psycho villain?? its frightening…

            jsut because im pasty white doesnt make me a racist, quite frankly, that remark is defamatory and lieblous and leaves you open for a lawsuit, possibly criminal, and i can have your identity, name, address, work addres, family members, pets, every last thing youve ever done, at my fingertips in a very short time, to do with whatever i want, whether you use some vpn or tor or any sort of method to conceal yourself, and i can ruin your life or simply use physical violent force in an act of self defense, which maybe one day ill just snap and it will come to that, keep pushing me and ruining my reputation, image and character, keep bullying me and threatening me and lets see what happens…

            i dont actively go out and bully and threaten people, everything i have done has been under duress and in self defense, and i only give people back what they give me, treat me right and ill be your best friend ever, treat me wrong and youll wish you never existed…

            its incredible how easy it is to manipulate peoples minds and its down right frightening to see how they assume and jump to conclusions…

    • Anonymous

      ^ That’s Justin Mayer, everyone, guy who is happy a guy got murdered.

      Check out his shitty music at his shitty website.

  2. Sarah

    What I’m doing, Anonymous, is going above and beyond to HELP YOU REALIZE that what you are doing just might be leading to things like this…. perhaps you may want to watch your actions out there so as these sorts of things don’t happen anymore…

    First, criticizing the substance of your comment is neither “attacking” nor “slandering” you – it’s responding to what you wrote. If you don’t want responses, don’t write in the first place. This isn’t your diary.

    Second, consider brushing up on your grammar. Sentences and paragraphs are a good way of organizing your thoughts so that they don’t appear to be a crazy, ranting stream of consciousness.

    Third, sarcasm doesn’t convey well online. If you write “the sky is blue,” then people are going to assume you intended to communicate “the sky is blue.” When they respond to “the sky is blue,” don’t be surprised – “you should have known that by ‘the sky is blue’ I meant the sky is orange so you didn’t read what I wrote correctly.” Sorry, pal, it’s your fault for not communicating effectively.

    Finally, take your own advice: maybe it’s what you are writing and the way you are writing it that just might be leading to the “attacks” and “slander” you think are directed at you.

    • Sarah

      Well, that comment looks a bit weird when the comment I was specifically responding to has been deleted. 🙂

  3. DNog

    Your lack of intelligence is beyond comparison Justin. The fact that you can take an article about 2 guys that got in a skirmish outside of a bar and stabbed that happen to work for Nicki Minaj(one being just crew and the other just a tour manager) and turn it into some confirmation for yourself about how Nicki Minaj treated you badly and stole from you, making your decision to quit the business the right one is so insane it leaves me bewildered.

    There is no point to even going into the same old circle with you of how you make these bold accusations against superstar talent and their teams but will never show proof because you’d be “giving up your evidence.”

    No one cares, no one believes you, and I can absolutely assure you that Nicki Minaj is not reading this (sorry Paul) and you are not helping her out in anyway. So do us all a favor and go back to making your “art” for the enjoyment of making it and when you say you are “out of the business,” mean it and shut up about it for good.

    • Huh?

      “I never try and make any of this about me.”

      Your first comment was all about you. You used the word “I” at least six times and you said “they got lucky with me.”

      How is this never trying to make this about you?

      • Huh?

        The last comment was for Anonymous but it looks like his diatribe has been deleted

    • jw

      >> Of what sort?

      >> Like witness protection help?

      You need therapy, Justin. DMN is not the place for you to air your issues with the industry, least of all this specific thread. If your story is so special, e-mail Paul & have him write an article about it. Otherwise, let it go & quit derailing discussions here. Look at what you’ve done to the discussion on this article. You should be embarrassed.

      My thoughts are with the family of the deceased. It’s always tragic when someone with the skills to manage such a huge tour effectively passes. The industry is built on the backs of folks like De’Von Pickett.

      • Anonymous

        does the inner feeling of wanting to grab your throat and hold you down and repeatedly punch your face in until you no longer have one make me need therapy?? or is it just a normal reaction and feeling to the constant bullying and defamatory statements made against me that damage and ruin my reputation, image and character, along with the constant deleting of any of the posts to defend myself…

        its no wonder the world is so messed up with people like you around jw and all you people… its no wonder people fly planes into buildings in the states, its no wonder mofo’s just go off the deep end, i mean, its cause and effect, yall need to look in the mirror big time, this is super frightening…


  4. Anonymous

    i do not take kindly to being called a racist or someone telling me i need therapy or the massive defamation to my character and the constant bullying and threatening of my life, the huge smear campaigns and the inability to have anyway to defend myself while all those libelous comments remain…

    all from a simple respectful post showing sympathy and suggesting something, this is unreal…

  5. Anonymous

    i aint fucking tupac or some villainous character and no amount of anything will make it so…




    a simple post and thread that should have been about what happened has once again been turned into something about me and once again everything gets deleted to the point i end up being made out as the bad guy, thankfully i save everything so if it comes to it in a court of law, i can certainly put forth a very viable case to settle it once and for all….

  6. Anonymous

    since its all gone to hell anyways, will you fucks allow me to do music as a hobby if i just shut everything down??

    will yall stop attacking me and ruining my life and my reputation if i retire from the business somehow altogether??

    will the media and the show and the industry and the labels and the indies and everyone just fully leave me alone??

    seriously, what is it going to take to be truly left alone to enjoy whatever unhealthy life i have left???

    i mean does having an auto-immune disease that has already ruined my life and taken years off of it just simply not enough for you people???

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    seriously, whats it going to take??

      • Bandit

        It is a fun game.

        The winner is the person who posts a comment that elicits the longest, off topic, self serving, rambling, delusional reply from Anonymous

    • GGG

      We’ve told you 100 times what you can do. Throw out some evidence that ANYONE has stolen music from you and we will be behind you 100%. Write an article about it (but have someone edit it). But you never do. You just spout the same weird nonsense, call pop stars by their real names like it makes you cool or something, and just go on and on and on and on…