Cash Money Wouldn’t Let Drake Release His New Album as a Free Mixtape

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Drake’s surprise album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, was allegedly supposed to be a free mixtape… but his label wasn’t having it.

The founder of popular free mixtape site Datpiff (referred to as KP) revealed the news in an interview with HipHopDX. KP says the Drake album was going to be released on Datpiff, but label Cash Money said no.

It was rumored that Drake released the album/mixtape to satisfy a contractual requirement with Cash Money. Lil Wayne has been vocal about his desire to leave the label, saying he wants to take Drake and Nicki Minaj with him.

KP says the album did count towards the contract requirement, and this is why Drake agreed to take the album to retail.

The album briefly appeared as a free SoundCloud stream around midnight on the day of its release. The album was taken down shortly after it went up, and is only available through digital retailers. The SoundCloud upload could have been Drake’s way of poking back at Cash Money.

According to Nielsen, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late sold 495,000 copies in three days.


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  1. Versus

    Why should they allow it? They invest in an ‘artist’, and then the artist should be allowed to give away the results for free? The label is right in this case.

    • Anonymous

      it’s not really a matter of right or wrong, it’s just down to the contractual obligations and who owns what, aubrey is obviously not happy with cash money, perhaps, and truthfully, he already had a massive fan base and a bit of stardom before signing with them anyways, so he has more leverage then a lot of artists do so as such can get away with a bit more, but it might be nothing more then hype building or controversy to get people talking, or else most likely, he’s not super pleased with something going on behind the scenes, usually regarding money or lack of payment or poor treatment or something, which would cause a flippant type release to grate them a bit, which is always positive from an artist standpoint…

      • Anonymous

        What is your point in always calling artists by their real names?

        • Anonymous

          calling people by their name, now im even getting called out on that, i mean, im not in any position of leadership or authority where my every move and word needs to be dissected and combed over and taken to task for, im just a simple normal human man minding his own business this is ridiculous, i mean i cant even post simple friendly straight professional business posts without them being deleted… preposterous…

          • Anonymous

            It’s a simple question. What’s the point? The articles always refer to them as Drake or Nicki Minaj or whoever and you ALWAYS feel the need to type their real name. I don’t have any problem with it per se, it just comes off as someone trying reeeaaaallllyyyy hard to act like they know them personally or something.

          • Anonymous

            Whats the point in anything?

            Why is everything i do so important to you?

            Why dont we make a reality show then, if thats all peopel want to do, then yall can put some orville redenbacker in the microwave, melt some butter over a big massive bucket of it, and put your feet up in your lazy boy eating it by the handful and tossing it at the screen whooping it up with your buddies over how im such a loser and how you are oh so better then me, cussing me out and calling me every name in the book, bitter jealous and jaded over whatever it is yall got your panties in such a bunch over.

            Why not at least make some money off it???

            i have a website you can go punch your laptop while looking at me and all that, else ill do what i want when i want how i want, if thats a problem for you, then bugger off and dont bother me about it.

            Thanks for your time!

  2. There is something...

    When you sign with a label named “CASH MONEY”, I think you should know what they are looking for…

    • Tone

      Drake’s album debuted at #1 on Billboard this week. Beyond that, Wayne’s rift with his label is huge news in the industry.

  3. Javier

    I think this is a testament to the fact that the system is structurally unfair. If an artist wants to release their album free, they should be able. And yet, it is Drake, a pop star. So why does it matter? I could release my music free and no one would know or care. The entire industry needs a revamp.

    • Anonymous

      I think this is a testament to the fact that the system is structurally unfair. If an artist wants to release their album free, they should be able. And yet, it is Drake, a pop star. So why does it matter? I could release my music free and no one would know or care. The entire industry needs a revamp.

      That industry is filled with nothing but people who have no clue about anything.

      Aubrey signed his name on a dotted line to a bidding war offer he got, a contract, with terms and clauses and definitions, a binding agreement which sets forth certain obligations and duties on both parties, theres zero room for discussion, unless it was significantly unfair or lacked full disclosure, then he would have to take certain legal actions to try and get out of it. He did it, he wasnt kidnapped and tied up and forced to sign the thing at gunpoint, he thought television and acting would make him a rich baller and it didnt happen, he was bitter and upset, so he took the highest offer so he could be, and now he is, i think it all worked out just fine for him.

      Its not anything up for debate or to sit back and pontificate about, its the way it is and thats the bottom line.

      Its almost like it has to be nothing more then a bunch of people who want power and money and fame and the big job in the corner office, but all who dont have the skills, talent, work ethic, connections or overall aptitude to fill the position and play the role, so instead sit around with the hired help trying to take something or someone down and calling them racist or this or that, its putridity pathetic.

      Aubrey does not own his music, and thats why it matters, the label does, they call the shots, thats the way it is, period! Yall want to eradicate labels yet never help or sponsor or support those that go it alone and play that adversarial position, instead yall piss all over them to and ruin their reputation and bully and cuss and do the exact same thing yall do to the majors or labels or industry.

      No matter what, yall all seriously screwed yourselves simply by finally having people stand up and step up and take that on, on their own, and to get zero assistance or support or anything from yall, so basically yall just want to whine and moan and groan, probably sitting in some cubicle at a label, yet have no balls to do anything about it.


  4. Rapp Eeshort Forkrap

    I should be paid to listen to Drake. It’s that terrible an experience.

  5. Sammy

    The album was great. Free or not, it was great piece of work. Boi-1da did his thing. ovo

  6. Anonymous

    If he signed a contract that included a specific number of albums had to be released b4 the terms could be renegotiated/terminated, then Drake is obligated to fulfill his end of the deal. Plain and simple. Even folks without a major record deal understand this. Business 101.

  7. drakes fan

    drake the best period. He doesn’t need cash money sad he still has to work for them crooks. all i’m saying is ovoxo till I die!