Google Can’t Even Name Its Own Music Service…

Spotify has one name: Spotify. Google has, well…

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21 Responses

  1. jw

    You’re failing to observe the difference between the Play store, which is larger than just music, the Music section of the Play store, which is digital downloads, & All Access, which is streaming, same as YouTube Music Key. I’ll agree that they haven’t done the absolute best job with their copy, but “What is the name of Google’s music service” is a trick question.

    All Access & Music Key isn’t much different than General Motors having a bunch of different brands selling essentially the same cars to different user bases.

    • steveh

      I’ll agree that they haven’t done the absolute best job with their copy

      OMG! Understatement of the century!

      What is the fucking matter with you? Why are you ALWAYS defending corporate mosters like Google in your posts?

      • jw

        I’m not defending them or critiquing them on the basis of being “corporate monsters.” Their corporate policies don’t dictate whether or not the brand communication is clear. I’m an Android user, I don’t use the services, but I understand the differences. It’s not somehow noble to ask a dumb question like “What is the Google music service?,” knowing full well that there are multiple services.

        Seems like you should make an effort to be more objective, & reserve the “corporate monster” comments for articles about them being “corporate monsters.”

          • steveh

            Yes – it’s just one thing after another. The new boss is definitely worse than the old boss.

            As Zoe Keating brilliantly put it:- “I am independent because I didn’t want a bunch of men in suits deciding how I should release my music. For 10 years I have managed to bushwhack a circuitous path around them but now I’ve got to find a away around the men in hoodies and crocs

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure his point was less about the confusion of services, which there is, and the owner of a digital music news site not knowing the difference.

    • Me

      That’s exactly the point. Google’s gone out of their way to make things complicated for potential customers. They could have done a much better job differentiating between the download store and the streaming service. How are customers supposed to observe the differences when Google has such a hard time pointing them out?

    • Sam

      Unless of course you’re trying to figure out what tacks have to do with it…

      8-TRACK tapes… :D

  2. Nissl

    I’ve never understood why it isn’t just gmusic. Worked well for gmail.

  3. Name2

    Ironically, the “author” of this piece makes his case with Google searches.

  4. Remi Swierczek

    I suggest PUTIN MUSIC, they are powerful, arrogant & unproductive!

    Then they’re still the best to grab it by the horns & double own revenues as they create $100B+ music industry.

    • Versus

      Excellent choice of name! Reflects the complete lack of respect for property, and plans for world domination at all costs.

  5. Me2

    But Google has always done this, roll out, pull back, retool, rename, etc.. it’s always been a bit of a mess.