Global Album Release Day: Indie Labels Say the IFPI Told them to ‘F*ck Off’

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A significant portion of the independent community voiced their disagreement with the IFPI’s new Friday global release day. Many independents spoke up way ahead of time, but the IFPI moved forward with Friday.

The IFPI says there is “no credible alternative” to Friday, and that they consulted 1,300 labels.

Martin Mills, Founder and Chairman of Beggars Group, said the IFPI wasn’t including independents in the discussion:

“Whilst I acknowledge the needs of a digital world for coordination, it seems to me to be crazy to throw away one of the trading week’s two peaks, and the ability to re-stock and rectify errors before the week’s second peak.”

A2IM took a more supportive stance:

“A2IM supports the concept of a Global Street Date but for a variety of business reasons as spelled out in our previous comments there are a number of business hurdles that make Fridays less than an optimal date for the United States marketplace and Independents in particular. That said of course as part of the Worldwide music community A2IM will endeavor to make the Global Street Date transition as smooth as possible for our members and our commerce partners and a success for our artist’s fans.”

Other independents have more damning statements.

Lohan Presencer, CEO of Ministry Of Sound, told Music Business Worldwide:

“We were barely consulted, more informed, that this was happening. We don’t agree with the change, it’s terribly disruptive for multiple parts of our business, adds nothing, removes a key sales opportunity and we believe that is a view shared by many in the UK industry.

“As far as we can tell this is an initiative driven by the US majors, it doesn’t even necessarily have the support of some of their UK counterparts.

Yet again major biased initiatives are driven through our business without proper consideration of their impact, we are not surprised.”

Martin Goldschmidt, founder of Cooking Vinyl, said: “That was only a ‘consultation’ if the new dictionary definition of ‘to consult’ is ‘to tell to f*ck off’.

“The independent community represented by Impala, AIM, and WIN, welcomed a global release day but gave a clear message that Monday would be much better than Friday for reasons previously explained by Martin Mills, but the three majors wanted Friday.”

The majors are trying to leverage business advantage in a number of areas like this, including how streaming counts towards the album charts and many more.”


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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Initiated by the us majors?

    Universal has a global music market share of 30% and are owned by a french corporation based in Paris and unbelievably founded in the mid 1800’s, so really what is it and who is it then??

    Music is 110% Corporate now, indies just dont ship the tonnage required to have much of a say in anything…

    Consider you have a container shipping line, those few companies who send truck after truck into the yard to load containers onto your ships will just always have a bit more leverage and weight over that small time sole operator who maybe ships a few containers a year on a one by one basis… They may love your business and appreciate what you do and who you are and what you stand for and service you as best they can, but when push comes to shove business wise where large decisions must be made, then you wont have much of a say in anything and will mostly be overlooked and ignored…

    just the way it is..

  2. dan

    So 3 labels complain and suddenly its the whole indie community – please!

    • so

      In terms of market share, Beggars can be credibly said to be the whole indie community.

      • Dan

        Err no it can’t – both Demon and Union Square have larger UK market shares.

  3. so

    I do not understand this entire debate. Paul, could you or someone else do a piece objectively spelling out the pros and cons? There is some element of protecting albums from being uploaded from the early release countries before the album is available legitimately in others, but usually these albums have been available for weeks or even months as leaks from promo copies anyway. There are other factors at work and I’d like to understand them.

  4. Versus

    What is the content of the complaint?
    I don’t understand the concern.

    Also, why are the children in a cage? They don’t need no thought control.

  5. JTVDigital

    Setting up a global release day is a good thing overall, so why complaining? What’s the point?
    Yes the world economy is mainly lead by US corporations, when headquarters make a decision, their child companies / affiliates have to follow.
    All major labels have their headquarters in the USA (yes UMG are owned by Vivendi which is a french corporation, but Vivendi is not involved in the operations and UMG headquarters are in the USA (Santa Monica).
    If Friday was set for good reasons (apparently based on metrics this was a peak day for social media activity) then it sounds like a wise decision.
    Anybody knows the exact reason why some indies are complaining? (seems like UK indie labels are complaining only)

    • Dan

      I think you’ll find its just a couple of Indies who are complaining – certainly NOT ALL INDIES – and anyone who claims it is simply not telling the truth

    • Anonymous

      Yes the world economy is mainly lead by US corporations

      Did you really just say that??

      Are you being serious?

      It ultimately outs you as being totally clueless to the world economy and therefore everything you say cannot be believed to be true or even remotely accurate…

      wow, i cant believe what some people are willing to believe, thats incredible and completely laughable…