How to Commit Streaming Suicide, by Jay Z

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Tidal, recently purchased by Jay Z for close to $60 million, is now starting its worldwide expansion.  As of this morning, the HD-quality streaming service is available in 31 countries, including the US, Canada, and the UK.  Future rollouts include Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, and UAE.

+ 15 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Buy a Streaming Service

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  1. J

    I just canceled my trial for that reason. I already own most of what I listen to and it’s already in FLAC. If they had a $9.99 version that wasn’t hi-res and added hi-res for $3-4 more per month I’d consider it. I’d still be on the fence with the extra though, because when I’m just casually listening or have music on in the background mp3 quality is fine. Even in the car I have kids so I can’t put music up loud enough to hear a difference.

    And even though the Android app has options to stream lower quality only, it won’t play through bluetooth or Chromecast. Also deal-breakers for casual listening.

      • R.P.

        That $19.99 price point is exactly why I passed on the free trial.

      • Spoken X Digital Media Group

        If I could afford to do that I’d make the investment. The streaming service itself is an access point to the ideology of brand building . Anything that you legally own or have privy to can be elaborated as well as accentuated upon–embedded into different operating systems and further distributed to a conglomerate of customer base services. I’d premier the , ‘ Rocawear ‘ brand mall to compliment the streaming and offer third party retailers the opportunity to sell wide open to my listener base for commission on everything moving. . .

  2. Anonymous

    But he’s got the t swizzle, the maersk of music, who’s captured the world’s minds and hearts, who has every media outlet and corp and politician in her hand and back pocket, so what I’d be doing is pushing for the right thing, to appease the a people’s, by getting the rightful king and queen together, as they should be, the biebes and the swizzle, all so us lowly peasants can be entertained, so we can celebrate their greatness and overcome our misery by living vicaroousluy throguh their happiness, excited for their millions and mansions, clapping as they sell McDonalds to toddlers and tweens, telling them how healthy and good it is for them and their growth, using their artist voice for good, the greatests…

    The king and queen are supposed to be together, he’s her type anyways, ripped abs, flowing hair, super rich and famous, great for selling records and gettimg endorsement deals… They are in the same cluuuuuuuub, on the same team, on the same label, I mean, its a no brainer…

    Then it’d be over as she could swoon sweet nothings convincing her new beau to go exclusive with the jigga man as well, theyud be the bestest even more so then…

    • Name2

      Are you trying to say: “It’s Jay-Z and Beyonce’s world. We just live in it.”?

      Brevity is your friend.

      • Anonymous

        Are you trying to say: “It’s Jay-Z and Beyonce’s world. We just live in it.”?

        Brevity is your friend.

        i like brevity, helps to keep things in perspective and to not take things too too seriously…

        I mean, its not like we are sitting in a trench with bullets wizzing over our heads, and its not like we are being lined up by loser nazis to be shoved on their trains gas chambers, women and children dogs and imaginary friends, so i mean, it cant be all bad can it????

        Im sure jay and bey tend to think its their world, but they are just two flesh vessels among billions, of course in a capitalistic society they are better, more worthy, and in a higher more prevalent social class then i am, so i could possibly shine their shoes for a nickle, but otherwise they are significantly more important and worthy people then i am, as says society, to society im just a wart, a thorn in the foot, a pinch in the side, a fox in a den of hens, a bull in a china shop, im essentially worthless, naval lint, they are like deity god super stars and the way they ball out lets the world know i dont exist in theirs, so maybe perhaps you are right, maybe it is, but then again, im not big on that shit and capitalism is like a peg leg thousands of years ago, its better then not having something to stand on, but anyone whos leg gets decapitated can certainly tell you, we need something better…

        anyhoo, if they are taking it upon themselves to make those moves, and getting cuddly warm with the t swizzle and jt, well its probably a smart move, although jt’s myspace deal is a little questionable, he probably would have been better off taking that money and doing something a bit more greener and charitable with it, but hey, aint my money, again, me just simple man peasant rag picker, shine yer shoes sir!!!…

          • Anonymous

            I was really looking for a “Yes” or “No”?

            When i dont understand the question and my radar starts beeping like an enemy mig has entered my airspace, i tend to start taking evasive action…

            If jayz and beyonce are some reincarnation of god, not even taking into question your belief of god, then i guess it could be their world, but if there was a god im not so sure him, her or it would be acting like some totalitarian dictator mini weewee caeser or anything, i think god would be significantly different, of course, i dont really believe in god, ive taken a different path regarding god, and when my time is up, ill either be seeing him, her or it first, or else i wont, and thats my extent of that god stuff really…

            the god particle, now thats an interesting concept and something that makes more sense to me and something that aligns much better in my world, the whole one thing to me is just that, everything in this vaccum that is the universe as we know it, and not any other universe that may exist in the multi verse, and not including any other dimensions, everything in this vaccum is based on a few elements really, im mostly water, so i dont mind the rain, its like im home, so yeah we are all very connected to some one type force out there, im not sure anyone has much of a clue on anything though…

            twas only half a century or so ago where a whole clan of deluded psychotic morons nearly got a foothold on world domination, so i dont think anyone can look at mankind and say they know anything or are good for anything quite yet…

            If i was some alien and came upon earth id be scratching my head at the little things running around like zombie chickens with their weird keep busy lame old systems, id essentially be putting my feet up and grabbing some popcorn and enjoying the dumb and dumber movie the humans are putting on for us, i mean, if i was an alien or whatever…

            I did like bey’s last album release, and a video for each song was cool, and then doing it a bit different, thats kind of my thing, should have trademarked, copyrighted and patented the move, like the reach over when you want to flirt with a girl, or whatever, not that i flirt with her of course, im a lot like bond beyond my desire for women being married or whatever, that aint my thing, i dont like to park my car in some other mans garage, anyways, so yeah, something like that…

            did that better answer your question???

          • Anonymous

            Yall aren’t still on that illuminati garbage are yall?

            Do people not get that stuff?

          • Anonymous

            well at least we finally know who taylor was talking to and about, calvin harris, thats a heavy hitting tonnage shipping couple, but at least the mystery has been stripped away, its always nice to know who these people are taking to and talking about, wouldnt want people to get delusional and narcissistic, besides its always good to know who is single and who isnt, i got in a lot of trouble a few years ago messing with a publicly single woman who was secretly basically engaged, so im glad that news came out, congrats and good for them…


  3. superduper

    I think that this highlights the arbitrary value that streaming imposes. $20 is too much but that doesn’t mean that you are listening to it any differently than a normally-valued and non-audiophile streaming service.

    • Name2

      There’s nothing arbitrary about price in this market.

      Tidal’s offering only had 12K takers in the USA in its first quarter. So the optimal price for all-you-can-eat streaming is somewhere between $0 and $20, because $20, for a clearly superior product, is on the downside of the curve of streaming adoption.

      • Sarah

        12K subscribers for Tidal. Clearly not a big market, but it’s a market – if I’m willing to pay you $20/month for streaming, why on earth would you reject my money, and say I can only pay $10/month, or $12/month?? Do you not want money??

        If people want to spend more, then, for crying out loud, let them spend more. That’s how you increase total revenue.

        If I’m willing to pay up to $20, and you’re willing to pay up to $10, the most the industry can earn from the two of us is $30. Getting that potential maximum revenue of $30 should be the goal.

        Option 1:
        There’s only a $20/month service. I pay $20, you pay $0 (ad-supported, because you’re only willing to pay up to $10). Total revenue = $20.

        Option 2:
        There’s only a $10/month service. We both pay $10 (I’m not given the option to pay more than $10) Total revenue = $20.

        Option 3:
        Maybe we need a different price point: $13. Now I pay $13 ($7 less than the $20 I would pay) and you pay $0 (you’d only pay up to $10). Total revenue: $13.

        Option 4:
        Change the pricing and presentation so that we can each consume as we want and pay according to actual consumption rather than the one size fits all model for access to 30mil songs (which is a level of access that nobody really values). I can consume and pay up $20, you can consume and pay up to $10. Our total potential revenue is $30.

        To maximize revenues, you need a way to let people pay what they are willing pay for what actually they consume.
        If I pay $0 when I would pay $0.50, you lose money.
        If I pay $10 when I would pay $12, you lose money.

        It’d be different perhaps if there were a significant cost associated with delivering a stream (a marginal cost that needs to be recouped).
        It’d also be different if paying nothing meant that I don’t get to consume the content – but it doesn’t, I can (even legally) consume the content whether or not I pay anything.

        In that case, something is always better than nothing.

        • Anonymous

          It’d also be different if paying nothing meant that I don’t get to consume the content – but it doesn’t, I can (even legally) consume the content whether or not I pay anything.

          A tech person whining about a problem they created, incredible! Music is only available for free and legally for one main reason, legislation is slower then the titanic, and the digital network is a piece of dung that makes fleecing and ripping people off one of the few ways to making actual money…

          Your site will be no different Sarah, extremely easy to steal every last piece of music on it, in a multitude of ways, and thats just the way it is…

          It also means you arent really into music beyond the business it might build for you, music aint content, music is special, its emotion, its feeling, its something that cant be boxed or bottled, even though we do it all the time, its energy, its art, its commerce, but one thing it aint is content… Yall why trying to supposedly liberate everyone from the way it was, have made it worse, by tethering everyone to this fraction penny social media game where you must have endless constant reams of content for your supposedly wanting to participate fanbase, but really though, those who do need the content will be fine without as much and those that dont are just helping servers and tech businesses, same as it ever was i guess…

          im down with 1’s and 0’s, but lets get off this unitized content thing, otherwise, i put forth to the industry, if all these techy business people only care for content to put on their server, then lets make a gazillion bazillion zillion bit file bigger then the longest movie ever, and then tell em shove it!!!! …


          • Sarah

            Sorry, I’m afraid you’re incorrect: I am not a “tech” person, and I didn’t create any problem for any artist, much less for the industry at large. 🙂

          • Anonymous

            yeah, you are a formerish lawyer who passed the bar and is now working with someone on the pay what you want stream site but are not a tech person yourself, all good, i just used that to go off and say something for the sake of saying something, sorry, thats why i added the wink, in my language the wink denotes mostly a joke delivered in a certain style, of course the wink could actually denote something else, depending on the content of the post itself, but in that case it was just a little funny joke…

          • Sarah

            Thanks for explaining that you were joking. I guess I don’t automatically think “funny” when someone accuses me of doing something harmful or unfair to another person (or in this case, many other persons).

          • Sarah

            Than what? For who?

            Also, I disagree. There are several costs associated with piracy, none of which involve actually paying money.

          • Sarah

            Puh-leeze, why would you assume I even think you have a soul? 😛

            How about time? Mine is worth something – I was assuming yours was as well. A minute here, two minutes there, 25 seconds there… It adds up, and it’s a waste of time.
            How about convenience? Quality? These are things people value and pay for regularly.
            You may not, but I don’t care what you individually value or do in this context. In a large market, any single person’s preferences are nearly entirely irrelevant. Saying “this is my preference” or making it about yourself (or any one person) is not a valid argument here.

          • Sarah

            Name2, that comment about your soul was meant in a friendly manner (just in case you didn’t pick up on that – sarcasm, especially good-natured sarcasm, is really not suited to internet comments). I imagine your soul is lovely (if we’re assuming souls are a thing – I can’t comment on that either way). 🙂

  4. Adam

    Overall $20 is not that much. The problem is when you think of it comparatively. Think about what we get from nextflic for under or around $10 per month… Id say that says it all. I think $12.99 would have been a better choice of price, for marketing/adoption reasons alone.

  5. new Tidal subscriber

    I’ve continued my Tidal and cancelled Rhapsody. The extra quality through both home stereo and car is readily noticeable, I wasn’t expecting it to be. I think we’ve all gotten to used to low end streams. Maybe $20 is too much, but it’s sure worth several $s more than $9.99

  6. Jeff Robinson

    DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!! It does not pay royalties!!!!! Like Beats, it sorely under-reports streams to the point of NOT reporting them!!!!!

    • new Tidal subscriber

      Jeff – how do you know that Tidal doesn’t pay royalties? Where did you hear or learn this? Obviously concerning if true, but hard to believe that JayZ wouldn’t know better.