Updated: Jay Z Promotes Tidal With a Vague Social Justice Campaign

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Updated 11:35 AM PST: Tidal has already been accused of ripping off artists

Today is the day. Jay Z is relaunching Tidal, his (possibly overhyped) hi fi streaming service. He’s wasting no time, it’s only been about a month since he completed his purchase of parent company Aspiro.

This isn’t any ol’ relaunch though. Jay Z and his famous friends have turned this into an emotional social media awareness campaign. They’ve changed their profile pictures to a light blue color, asking fans to help “turn the tide”. Tidal is currently one of the top trending topics on Twitter.

Hopefully they’re turning the tide with significant changes regarding artist payouts. This is plausible, since Jay Z reportedly had a meeting with many top industry figures, discussing how his streaming service could benefit artists.


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  1. here we go...

    NO FREE TIER. Internet Freehadists lose their shit…

    Google backs free streaming aggressively because they serve the advertising to Spotify and Pandora. Getting rid of the free tier kills Google’s business on these platforms.

    97% of all of Google’s revenue is from advertising. All other products combined account for the remaining 3%… follow. the. money…