YouTube and Coachella Have Updated the Livestream Experience

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Twitch exclusively streamed all of Ultra Music Festival this past weekend. Last year Ultra streamed on YouTube, but this year the festival said “we don’t tolerate mediocrity” and switched to Twitch.

Well YouTube’s live streaming plans for Coachella are far from mediocre. A variety of artist performances will broadcast via Coachella’s YouTube channel. The live stream is sponsored by T-Mobile. Not surprising, as T-Mobile is very focused on reaching the hip, music-loving customer.

Three different Coachella live streams will be viewable on any device that can access YouTube. Coachella’s channel will also provide a variety of interesting features:

  • Create and share avatars
  • Access photos on an interactive map
  • Updating timetable
  • Interactive artist profiles


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Let’s stream to stream for streaming to be more streamable until we stream all the music to shit contaminated stream! WOOOW!


    Where is the money? LUNATICS!

  2. sonnybrooks

    not big on coachella, don’t know who’s gonna be there, but I would pay at least $1 to watch for a little bit if I was at my computer during the weekend or something.