Tidal Says Company Ownership Might Not Be Limited to Performing Artists…

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Tidal hasn’t really give any details about how their service will compensate the average working artist. But the AP reports that Tidal is inviting more musicians to join the platform as co-owners.

Tidal executive Vania Schlogel said the company’s current celebrity owners have equal and majority ownership. She says other artists can join to reap benefits such as a position on the board. Schlogel also said that Tidal will pay out more than other streaming services.

All we have are vague statements, as Schlogel said she can’t reveal any details about artist ownership.

But Schlogel did say they’re considering allowing co-owners that are not performers to join in…

10 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t Softbank already cut in???

    There will be a lot more VC to follow…

  2. Sonny Brooks

    so every single average artist is invited to join the platform as co-owners, ok.

    “Tidal will pay out more than other streaming services”……”we can’t reveal details about ownership”

  3. Doctor Vincenzo VonCueBall

    DOA equals Dead on Arrival this is toast already.

  4. Benny

    I’m so happy the average artists, and it seems even the overall average music fans out there, aren’t falling for the propaganda of Tidal. Its insulting that after years of fighting for a better environment some of the biggest we all look to and wish to aspire to would come out and try to fool us. Practically undoing any good and progress that was made, that’s how it makes me feel.

  5. Shlomo

    This just in. The labels didn’t allow company reps to join the semi vacant press release because they’re upser Hov is getting exclusives from artists that they don’t have rights too. This is such a VC play but most musi industry people don’t realize the pump and dump play. The artists can’t legally give Hov exclusives and Tidal Illumunatti can’t play unlicensed exclusives. When can I short this stock?

    • Lawyer

      Well the short side of the comment you made only thinks that this company will stream.. Try to envision a label that owns it’s streaming services and then apply that to this company started by arstist which is the same concept movie stars did in the mid to eay 1900s and it thrived because instead of dealing with someone who wanted a cut for merely owning the facilities that things took place in these arstist now can produce eachother promote eachother with a wider profit margin and with less of a headache when it come to dropping albums because it could all be done with a stroke of a key. This is EVOLUTION folks evolution of music industry but still evolution.

      The company already has a sure fire connect to the peoe via the arstist and its current deals with both Sprint and I have heard T-Mobile. This will kill beats streaming service aswell as Spotify (which I personally dislike). On another note Spotify is doing exactly this except it’s not the people that the fans have a connection with, it’s the lane excectives and then they are taking an unfair cut from the artists that we the people love. This could not have been a smarter or better move Bravo Jay and team Tidal!

      • Thucydides

        Wow, your writing is terrible! How do you expect to maintain any level of credibility, writing like this? Yes, your statements may be valid to a certain extent, but your delivery is abysmal. You don’t talk like this, do you?

  6. Ltierati X

    I want my SG trust to buy some stock in this streaming service if by chance any outrageous merger and acquisitions take place. And tell the U.S. government to stop using great amounts of residuals to fight wars in the Middle East and do something constructive and humane like cutting me a welfare check !

  7. Wooly

    So more people can come in and lose money. Super.

  8. Anonymous

    Is this free equity or do artists have to pay in like any investor?