79% of Teenagers Have Completely Stopped Buying Downloads…

Have you paid for least one music download in the past month?

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Have you streamed at least one song in the last month?

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Paid Download Sales, 2005-2014.

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Data from a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex involving 4,849 teenagers worldwide, aged 16-19. Paid download stats from the Recording Industry Association, US-based.


32 Responses

    • Wolly

      That’s like blaming knives for people stabbing other people. Reality check.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, so guns don’t kill people?

        Guess what — they do…

        • Wooly

          No, guns do not kill people. People kill people using guns. That is the point.

          • Mammoth

            No, sorry. The point is that if there werent guns, people wouldn’t be killing people. And please don’t insult my intelligence and say people would start stabbing each other with knives. You pro gun advocates kill me.

          • Anonymous

            No, sorry. The point is that if there werent guns, people wouldn’t be killing people. And please don’t insult my intelligence and say people would start stabbing each other with knives. You pro gun advocates kill me.

            Um, not having guns didn’t stop Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan or etc. etc…. I dont believe in guns either, but the reality is, the gun is merely an extension of a person and while technically yes the gun does ultimately kill the other person, the gun itself is just an object, a thing, it has rudimentary brains and intelligence, therefore without a human to pull the trigger, it wouldnt do anything, however, put that same person in the same situation and remove guns, they will find some other way to mutilate and debowel and go to war to take over some parcel of land or tear down some castle or throw some whole race in some pit or something, the human is a killer, it kills and it rapes and it pillages, thats what it does…

            Guns did however take some of the intimacy and romanticism out of the kill, but humans are just still very early on in their evolution, one day they will hopefully elevate themselves to a higher level and realize how stupid this all is and finally find a way to exist together letting everyone have their little place and their little piece, but we are in the super midst of a massive tribe war right now where eveyr last faction is fighting for its survival, so its killing time but people are doing it in a way that isnt actually physically killing, instead they are using other means to accomplish their goals, so the human stopping its silly racist killing spree everywhere, well its going to happen some day in the future but that wont likely be for a few more thousand years…

            Im waiting for a globally catastrophic event to finally actually get the small minded human to wake up for a second and stop their little schoolyard games, put their need to kill down for a moment and bring the lowly human together, instead, its getting colder then ever, and while it all seems all so smiley and bubbly and happy, all this tribe and circle and family life we live in, makes it super cold, where to do their job or maintain their way of life, people are willing to kill their brother, literally or figuratively or metaphorically, with zero remorse, and then turn around and be jesus to their family, its an odd detachment that capitalism and our systems and society force upon people, and weve all accepted it as par for the course, as business as usual, its really sad to sit here and observe this all play out, i feel ashamed to be human…

            So again, im no gun guy, cant stand the stupid things, but take away the gun and the low level animalistic human unable to purge its dysfunction and all its anger and racism and antisemitism will find some other way to kill rape and pillage, to steal and burn and martyr and torture and humiliate and the list goes on and on and on and on, far too much blood and far too much dysfunction passed on through many decades and numerous centuries, all hard wired into our dna, that will take a long time to clean up… Lest we forget people on this same small little rock we all live on are still out there on world domination plans, or else their party is at war with some other party, else they are enslaving women and kids for sex or other, or else they are just plain killing a whole type of people, either way, humans are a lowly killing species, who treat animals like garbage and then callously slaughter them, eat them, and think absolutely nothing of it at all, no honorable killing anymore in the name of survival, just straight pathetic cattle driving slaughterhouses in the name of the all mighty dollar, and zero thoughts to the savage killing nature of it, so that alone answers the question you may have… Of course the near 8 billion people needing to be fed does cause some problems, but the lack of care or remorse any of those people have who just keep on doing it day after day, it ultimately leaves people callously cold, but it is what it is, i think how its all setup and how it all operates is plain ridiculous, but thats just me, came here a few thousand years too early i guess…

            Guns are just like 7/11, convenience, they have only made the killer fat and lazy, but they arent the killer and they dont do the killing, its the loser morons behind the gun, but i tell you what, with the way other humans treat me and the amount of crime and ridiculousness out there, with how much ive had my person and my property stolen from and defamed etc. etc. I want a damn Gatling gun at my front door, for protection and self defense, but i just cant go there, i wont stoop to those levels, so instead i open my arms and show my empty hands and i sit atop the open gate waiting for the army to arrive, and itll be what itll be, perhaps theres an army behind me, maybe im alone, who knows, all i know is, while i gate guns, History has shown us that right now as it is, we have to stay at the forefront of weaponry and military advancement, because all it takes is us sleeping for a millisecond and some dumb natzis or wannabe natzis or some other loser world domination group will mount up and go crazy, and everyone else has only shown an ability to get brainwashed and get timid and scared, as look how long it took to stop that lunacy, look how many people fell in line and towed it doing mass genocides with plausible reasoning to them, so thats just the way it is…

            Without a doorknob moron behind a gun the thing just sits there, without it and you get taken out like the samurai, and it appears those who took out the samurais did not take their good values and honor and rituals and traditions from them, they just cowboyed on them and strung em all up like dogs and then left piles of garbage behind as they went on their next path of destruction, same as it always is…

          • Wooly

            Way to completely miss my point. This isn’t about guns or knives. It’s about human behavior, and history has shown us how people are now valuing and choosing to deal with music. And thanks for the incorrect guess about my stance on guns. Igbe Ummyde.

          • GGG

            Sorry, this is just ridiculous. I’m by no means a pro-gun advocate, but even entertaining the fact that people wouldn’t kill people if guns didn’t exist is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. In fact, you were wrong for literally centuries.

  1. Anonymous

    Shit i’d stop buying cars in a second too if i could just drive one of those Tesla Roadsters off the lot for free…

    • PiratesWinLOL

      Join the amish then. They don’t like new technology either.

  2. Adam


    You’re assuming the ever did buy them. So many teenagers with credit cards these days?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Good point. Many never started.

      On credit cards, don’t forget about the all-powerful iTunes allowance. That was powering a lot of iTunes music sales, even if it was one purchase a month.

  3. dijon

    Well if they don’t pay for it now, they will later when there are no musicians around to create it in the first place! All they’ll get is re-hashed/digitally manipulated old stuff, over and over and over and over ……

    • wallow-T

      “”You’re gonna miss us when we’re gone!” has never been much of a business model.”

      from Clay Shirky’s essay “Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable,” about 90% of which applies to the music industry.

      • Anonymous

        Teenagers these days don’t even care about music anymore. It’s all about reality shows, video games and “sexting”.

        • Anonymous

          from what im seeing, if these teenagers are the next leaders, i pray to god every millisecond that im gone before any of them attain power, its frightening out there, and im not that far out of being a teenager, its idiocracy and the race is seriously devolving, id be worried for the future of not only the planet but the whole race…

  4. maconner99@yahoo.com

    Why do artists give their music away free? Do what Taylor Swift did and do not allow it on Spotify and Pandora. Pull it from YouTube. The reason teenagers don’t buy music is because it is free.

    • Ariel

      They don’t ‘give it away.’ It’s just that copying and sharing mp3s is incredibly easy and requires extremely draconian (and so far not legal in the US, SOPA/PIPA etc) law enforcement to tamp down.

      Music is ‘free’ because the marginal cost of producing and disturbing another copy of a song has dropped to zero. We need a new way to fund artists that doesn’t rely on the scarcity of recordings.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      You can’t pull your music from Pandora, by law.

      Pulling your music from the internet is a full-time job, that pays $0.

      Monitoring, managing, or removing your music from YouTube is also a full-time job, that pays very little.

    • dijon

      Hmmm…old folks….people who know a lot more than young folks because they’ve got experience….something young folks never, ever realise until it’s too late…. it was ever thus

  5. Ariel

    The “have you streamed a song” number seems very low to me. Does that include Youtube? Are we just talking about people who don’t listen to music? Or is it radio and whatnot making up the difference?

  6. Name2

    40% don’t even stream ONE SONG.

    So what’s the denominator (people pursuing music on the Internet) here, really?

  7. Art

    Why is it always Spotify’s fault. I just don’t understand the people up here……Youtube is the number one streaming environment in the world. In the world of streaming the labels are still getting paid. Blame the labels for not adapting to the changing technology in a way that rewards artist. Been a musician since I was 9, I work in the technology field…..figure out how to leverage the technology before you all get wiped out of existence.

    • Versus

      Why should the creative side – and I include labels in that side – have to adapt to technology?
      Technology should serve humans, not the other way around.
      Technology should adapt to us, or it should be rejected as dysfunctional.

      • Q

        If you ask any teenager or music consumer they’ll tell you that Technology is serving them just fine.

      • wallow-T

        I would just mention that record labels only exist BECAUSE OF technology. The introduction of recordings, and then the introduction of radio, were both TECHNOLOGY which were disruptive to the existing music businesses of live performance and sheet-music sales.

        Both of those events — radio in the 1920s and the arrival of “quality” recordings which could (hee hee) substitute for live performance (I’m just quoting 1940s news media) were settled with government rules setting prices, and with collective labor action. (The musicians’ strike of the 1940s appears to be receding from the memory of anyone who is not an antiquarian.) But those avenues to a solution are now barred by the 2000s’ prevailing political ideology. So, on with the free market then! :-)

  8. Anonymous

    Its become a world that’s impossible to make money if u have values and morals and ethics and valor, yet its marketed as a world where there’s more then ever, but its mostly corporate pr lies to cover the reality, its all so backwards…

    • FarePlay

      What people don’t understand; it’s all a money grab, wealth consolidating. Without realizing it many are cheering on corporate enterprise as opposed to protecting the individual artist/worker. Coupled with a strong resentment for individual success we are headed down a path where great art will happen less often and music discovery will become even more limited.

  9. humanity singsquite

    Its the fault of music industry alone.
    Has your greed no limits?
    I have stopped play and buying music altogether.
    The songs are crappy and the cost is sooo high .99 for what?

    2 cents is the price fit for a hit song and any song.
    Add taxes and who knows what to that for a maximum of 10 cents thats it.
    I have a ton of tapes all originals.
    I cant play cause there is no option to play
    After that i realised i do not have the time or money to buy these mp3 anyway.
    I will look for real and legal free music if i need to from a unknown artist . Itunes and apple and .99cents killed music star. Go figure