Michael Jackson Allegedly Paid $200 Million to 20 Child Sex Abuse Victims

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Why is it that Michael Jackson child sex cases always seemed to get pushed under the rug? It could be because Jackson allegedly paid $200 million to keep victims quiet.

Lawyers for Wade Robson and James Safechuck say as many as 20 victims were paid off. Both Robson and Safechuck says Jackson sexually abused them when they were children. A judge is deciding whether they can bring this information to court for the first time.

Safechuck says the abuse happened when he was nine, and that Jackson paid his father $1 million. He also says Jackson held a secret wedding ceremony and he was the child bride.

Robson says he was seven when Jackson began molesting him. He also says he shared a bed with the pop star for a year.

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Robson previously said Jackson didn’t molest him, but now he says he was living in denial. A maid also says she walked in on Jackson abusing Robson.


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  1. Amalia

    Why do they keep on recycling this alleged secret pay-off story? It’s old and been debunked!!! The FBI was working hand in hand with the Santa Barbara County during the 2005 trial and investigated secretly on MJ for more than 15 years. MJ was innocent!

    Why does ONE article that is of a “tabloid” nature — and from a recycled story being reported by other media outlets like like wildfire? This “new news” came from a New York Post article written by a long-time anti-MJ tabloid writer by the name of STACY BROWN. He rehashed old news that was debunked years ago.

      • Ashunti

        They Will NEVER. Leave him alone. Of course he is innocent even they know he is innocent!! They’re just some jerks……

      • SpecialKay

        You are a complete jerk. Michael is 100% innocent. Stop hating on him and get a life of your own you pathetic little goat!!!!!!!

    • Humdinger

      OJ and Cosby are innocent too! Why there gotta be so many haters?

    • David Bowcott

      Because the media got nothing better to do then to tarnish Michael Jackson reputation they destroyed his career in America now they trying to destroy it around the world here the FBI files on MJ for anybody who interested in the truth if it not clickable then copy and paste in another tab


      • MJlusted4boys

        Your bs was debunked many times over. You have zero credibility.

    • DanteOfMJ

      Michael Jackson died a guilty man. He could not sleep, for he feared his punishment! I am glad he suffered, and died, the way he did….

    • wacko was no good

      Debunked by whom? You liars at vindicate & mjjusticeproject don’t count when it comes to reality. You trolls do more damage to wacko than he ever did.

    • Jacko was a pedo

      Your junk was debunked a million times. Nothing of the sort happened. Stacy Brown has more facts than you’ll ever have. You’re just a fanatic who repeats mj site gossip.

    • Otheos

      The answer to your first question: That is the nature of these beasts… they can’t change for anyone… remember “the story of the frog and the scorpion” ?

  2. Amalia

    Journalists should be responsible enough to check first the credibility of their sources.

    On how this “news” spread like wildfire around various media outlets now – Stacy Brown first wrote the article (New Your Post) about this, making it appear as “new” news. The truth is – he is rehashing the old claims from that News of the World story about how the FBI found out MJ paid out to victims – which was quickly debunked already! That’s where this story seemed to come from. He is copy-pasting old tabloid junk that has been debunked already.

    On the supposed $200 million hush money to 20 victims:

    – There was NEVER any such evidence of secret payments to 20 boys offered by the prosecution or the FBI, so it was not a case of such evidence being “excluded” from court in 2005. Such evidence simply did not exist and never was offered by the prosecution.

    Tabloids should STOP sensationalising this secret payments already. THEY DO NO EXIST.

    STACY BROWN is an MJ expert when it comes to making dirty MJ stories.

    • Alexandra


      Michael Jackson was innocent. I think when tabloids post articles that later are proven to be false, the people that wrote it should pay by not being allowed never to be a journalist. This way this type of people will never destroy other human being life.

      Now jus LEAVE HIM ALONE!

      God bless you!

      • wacko was no good

        Bull! a journalist did not make this story up. Wacko rabids are most stupid.

    • Alexandra


      Michael Jackson was innocent. I think when tabloids post articles that later are proven to be false, the people that wrote it should pay by not being allowed never to be a journalist. This way this type of people will never destroy other human being life.

      Now just LEAVE HIM ALONE!

      God bless you!

      • DanteOfMJ

        Nobody will ever leave Michael Jackson alone. He was a baby raper, and will be referred as such, for what he was. No rest for Michael Jackson, who is in Hell now….

      • Jacko was a pedo

        He’s dead. Practice what you preach.

    • wacko was no good

      Put it down mjjusticeproject & Half Wit Helena. You are just as sick as he was. If I were Stacy. I’d sue you. The lawyers proved wacko paid. Not Stacy. You’re & your fellow rabids are beyond ignorant.

    • wacko was no good

      What kind of drugs you on? I think that all you trolls from vindicate smoke from the same bong and the same glass of jesus juice. What part “lawyers” found the money trail did you not get? Stacy Brown would wipe the floor with you when it comes to facts for which you fail to have even a single one.

    • Jacko was a pedo

      Stop whining and get a job. Jacko paid out to a lot of victims. They payments don’t exist? ha ha, you missed the case. You should be more responsible instead of trolling.

      Jacko’s signature are on the checks. You’d have to be living under a rock not to know this.

      Stacy Brown rocks. You’re jealous as you should be. By the way, troll. We can see you answering your delusional self in the comments. You do that all the time.

  3. elke hassell

    I use to like your stories, but the minute you turn into another tabloid junk repeater without checking facts and just copy and paste crap that is being said by none other than a less than credible idiot like Stacy Brown I will no longer follow you. You let me down. I just hope that the Michael Jackson Estate will act the same way then others did with ROLLING STONE and their Hoax Rape Story and sue the hell out of you all!

    • wacko was no good

      You already said that by pretending to be someone else. No matter, it has no truth to it. No matter how many times you repeat it. Your play book is as weak as wacko was. Get some new lines will ya. Seems you trolls from mjjjusticeproject & vindicate are threatened by the truth.

  4. Ashlyn

    Why can’t they just let the poor man be. Think about Michael’s family and how these lies affect them. Media is just so sick these days.

    • wacko was no good

      How come you rabids ran here from vindicate wacko? When will you leave him alone? When you freaks gets lives? When you stop trolling every story that is telling the truth about the dead pedophile? You people are sick:

      Nina Foster
      Lynette Anderson
      mjjjusticeproject<<too cowardly to use her name

  5. truthtout

    When I read in the police report that one of the young boys accurately described Jackson’s penis, which had distinguishing marks on it due to his skin disease, I was convinced he was a pedophile. There is no way the young boy could have accurately described it by guessing.

    Bill Cosby got away with sex crimes for years. As did Jimmy Saville, (UK tv star); Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, CBC radio star Jian Ghomeshi, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein… all charged, finally, or brought to trial, or proven definitively in the last few years.

    It’s not just one accuser… when there is a line of them, it becomes more and more believable.

      • Willis

        Alleged. Cmon, Paul, have some journalistic integrity, and douse the emotion-based opinion.

        • Hammertonhal

          Holy cripe, you have no integrity troll. Emotion? It’s facts which you never know any.

    • FarePlay

      Michael Jackson’s dead. Whatever karma he has to work out is taking place elsewhere.

      • karmachameleon

        …but the karma (justice) for his victims is still being worked out here.

        by saying he’s dead, leave him alone… you are saying if you can get away with it, it’s ok.

          • said bill cosby

            …said bill cosby’s lawyers the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th….. 20th time someone came forward.

            after how many victims, police reports, settlements, hush money, etc…. do you say there’s truth to it? sounds like never.

            eventually though, even the church had to admit that the earth revolved around the sun.

          • Willis

            As much sarcasm as you present, you still cannot conclusively prove anything against Cosby. Smart.

          • uh, no.

            yeah, you’re right, it’s just a case of he said she said.
            well, maybe more like just a case of he said, she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said she said

          • and mj

            and in mj case, he said versus he said (he said he said he said he said he said).

          • MJlusted4boys

            So he payed them for nothing? Common sense just ain’t your thing now is it?

          • kiranjit kaur

            He didn’t pay nor was it His idea to pay, it was His insurance company’s and it seems His lawyers idea. Also He was accused of kidnapping families and extortion which all know He’s not capable of and which in itself among other things proves the whole thing false *

      • Jacko was a pedo

        Foolish floon gossip. He described it to a T and that’s why jacko paid. Innocent people don’t pay out. Especially 200 million dollars. Why do you think he died 500 million in debt? Hello! Anyone home??

      • MJlusted4boys

        Do you have memory issues? Your lies were proven just that. Why are you still posting the same hogwash you know is not true? @tige2340

        The real truth on wacko’s penis: http://www.mjfacts.com It was proven his dinker was described to a T and that’s why he paid.

        You fanatics are just as vile as he was.

    • truthnow

      The kid also said Jackson was circumcised, because the kid was. Jackson is not.

    • MJisInnocent

      Stop lying truthout! That whole “description matched” was already debunked as false. As a matter of fact, sources who worked on this case at the time who wanted to remain anonymous said the complete opposite – there was NO match up whatsoever. The boy inaccurately described MJ’s parts. Of course, mainstream media did not report this, however. This is information you had to research on your own. There was no match up whatsoever. So please stop passing lies as the “truth”. Also, the boy’s father had up to 10 years to pursue criminal charges and never did; it was all about money from day one.

      “Michael Jackson NEVER paid the $20 million dollar settlement…The public thought it was a case of child molestation, but behind the scenes it was all about extortion. When Michael Jackson refused to give Evan Chandler $20 million to make a movie, he launched the false allegation of child molestation solely to ruin Michael Jackson’s career and so that he could get paid.”

      “In 1993, after being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff, the Los Angeles LAPD, the Santa Barbara Sheriffs, the Santa Barbara LAPD and, we later learned after his death, there was an FBI probe, he was exonerated of all accusations of child molestation from 1993 and 2003.”

      – Geraldine Hughes, the Legal Secretary who worked for Evan Chandler’s (the boy’s father) lawyer in 1993.

      “After millions of dollars were spent by prosecutors and police departments in two jurisdictions, and after two grand juries questioned close to 200 witnesses, including 30 children who knew Michael Jackson, not a single corroborating witness could be found.”

      Newsday, 1993,

      “No hard evidence had been gathered from the hundreds of papers, photographs and videotapes seized during the raids on Jackson’s Neverland home and Century City apartment.”

      The Times, 1993

      Having spent much of last week watching Jackson’s videotape collection, officers admitted they could not find no proof there of child sex abuse.”

      The Times, 1993

      “On Monday, police searched another property used by Jackson, a three-bedroom flat at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, but after 30 minutes the officers left empty-handed.”

      The Times, 1993

      “The source, who asked not to be identified said the photographs did not tally with a description given to police by a 14-year boy who accused Jackson in a civil suit of sexually abusing him. “The pictures simply didn’t match the boy’s description, the source said.”

      Prosecutors in Los Angeles said settlement of the civil suit did not end their investigation, and there was no provision in the settlement to bar him from testifying in a possible criminal case.

      Reuters, 1994

      • Jacko was a pedo

        Bull of bore. You said that above. Jacko did pay out. You lose.

      • MJlusted4boys

        He died a pedophile, a drug addict and a fraud. He’s not anything but dead.

    • Ssunsshine

      The descriptions of ,MJ privates were inaccurate and his autopsy proves so as well..

      • wacko was no good

        That’s a new lie from floon sites. Wacko paid 20 million because his tiny wee was described perfectly. There goes your lie out the window. You rabids have been debunked at every turn and you still have the nerve to lie. Wacko attract some real degenerates that’s for sure.

  6. Anonymous

    Agreed. Enough of this crap already. MJ was a great talent. A Good person. A difficult childhood. A great father. No more. Enough!

    • Jughead

      I was with you until the part about being a good person and father……

      • Willis

        So, you knew him personally? I didn’t think so. You formed an opinion based upon media hype and speculation over allegations that were never proven. Brilliant.

          • Willis

            Ever see the video of the runaway rollercoaster, or the giraffe eating a tourist’s hat? See…I can also make a comment that is something unrelated.

          • directly relates

            Directly related: bad father = dangles kid from balcony.

            Willis, is your last name Cosby?

        • Hammertonhal

          Drug addicts don’t make for good fathers. You never met the dead the pedo. You should get new lines troll. You repeat the garbage all over the net. He died a junkie you foolish fanatic.

    • Jacko was a pedo

      So it’s ok to molest children if you’re a great entertainer? Jacko was such a good father he chose drugs over them. Where do you think the kids were when their daddy was getting knocked out on illegal propofol day after day? You know who took care of them? The chef and a security guard.

      Go seek mental help.

  7. The Truth

    Trying to hide $200 Million is almost impossible for an entertainer such as Michael Jackson , the IRS follows all payments , the FBI had this man under investigation for years and concluded there was nothing there. People want to come to a conclusion based on hearsay and not actual fact. Wake up people.

    • Jughead

      The IRS does not “follow all payments.” It doesn’t give a dang as long as you accurately reflect your taxable income (and pay the tax).

      • Jacko was a pedo

        Yet above they said “he never made any payments”. Floons are beyond brain dead.

    • wacko was no good

      LMAO You must be a foreigner who has no idea how the IRS works. That lie you made up was sadly pathetic. Your real name should be “I am an idiot”.

    • Jacko was a pedo

      You don’t get a tax right off for molesting a child. You’re not privy to his taxes anyway. No, the FBI did not investigate him for yrs. We know you made that up. You were debunked on all your foolish claims. Yet, you still troll and lie.

  8. Hollie greig justice

    Jackos first victim drew his cock, warts and all

    If I had his money and wis innocent i would have paid 200 million to ruin them , instead he paid them off, at least twice!

    • Willis

      Say what you want, but until you are that famous and in that position where people are accusing you, you will never really know how you will react and what you will do to calm to chaos.

  9. Anonymous

    WOW THE kid missed the fact that jacksons cock was circumcised means Jackson is innocent? Get stuffed

    • wacko was no good

      So that’s why wacko paid 20 million? Geesh, get some new lines that make sense. Get stiffed? Get a clue.

    • MJlusted4boys

      Wow, your lie was debunked a million times. You don’t hide well illiterate.

  10. Anonymous

    And we can clearly see why most top talent will run to other industries and other vocations, no amount of money is worth the crazy backlash you get from doing music and being famous, nothing… There is no escaping how brutally awful you get treated when you choose to make music or essentially do anything anymore, and to see dwindling money at the same time, to do that job the pay needs to go up, way up, attention and fame are detractors, not selling points…

    The sheer pettiness and callousness of how easily people, society, the show and media, certain groups of people, will ruin peoples lives and careers, whether living or dead, while thinking nothing of it at all, only goes to show how detached and freezing cold most people are…

    i have no idea either way, but man oh man, i mean, look at what happened to jimmy the greek for a few silly comments, life and career ruined by everyone, its a pathetic and putrid society where we toss people aside like they are worthless, one look at the elderly and how society just uses them up and spits them out once they are done with them, pathetic…

    Yall need to stop selling love and peace and start being it, be about it people…

  11. max

    Here’s how I know he’s guilty no matter how many times someone puts “alleged” in the comments. Let’s say his fans are right – he had the emotional maturity of a 14 year old because of abuse and missing his childhood. And for that reason he enjoyed spending time with children. If that’s true, how do you suppose that manifested itself in his sexuality? You think he finished a sleepover with little boys and then went and had sex with a 40 year old? Use your common sense.

  12. Music Exec

    MJ is a fucking SEX OFFENDER PEDAPHILE! Believe it! If he was a regular guy living in the suburbs he would have been in JAIL years ago. But since he’s famous he got away with it all. I don’t care how many great songs he wrote – he sucks and so does his music. Fuck MJ and all you assholes in denial.

    • Davey Dave

      How would you know he did all of that, were you ever present in those times when the little boys were supposedly being molested by Mr.Jackson? I think not because every accusations the media feeds you is a lie, which makes you sir or miss a Tabloid Junkie. Michael is innocent. He was molested by his father along with his siblings growing up. His father saw Michael and his brothers as a ticket to wealth and fame. His father forced them to practice everyday No play time like regular kids… You believe what they tell you, believe what they show you and by agreeing with them. The Idiot box (which is usually placed in every home) causes folks like yourself to be brainwashed like the rest of the followers who wants MJJ behind bars, for something he did not do.. They just want his money, they would do anything for money Money MONEY. CREATE FALSE ACCUSATIONS FOR MONEY. FORCE CHILDREN TO MAKE UP A LIE FOR MONEY. TELL A SOB STORY OF ABUSE FOR MONEY. KILL FOR MONEY. EVEN SELLING THEIR SOULS FOR MONEY. You wouldn’t even know how it feels to be horrified day and night how these people want to kill you for money or how you are loved by millions yet you were striped away from your childhood, cannot sleep at night because how terrified you are and on top of that you are accused of a crime you did not commit, scared for your children’s lives knowing that some horrible person can take them away from you. No you would know because you are not him. you are brainwashed to believe MJJ was a pedophile, a freak, a clown.. NO YOU ARE A CLOWN BECAUSE believe everything they tell you and you are thier dummy they Control you to believe every damn thing they say about him!

      • wacko was no good

        Aren’t the NAMBLA members running vindicate wacko jacko? Your tripe has zero credibility to it. Wacko was a pedophile and for over 20 yrs. Your excuses are profoundly pathetic.

  13. MS

    Stop with this trash news, he was, is and will be INNOCENT! Do not read the tabloid and all the false news they write about Michael , they defame him and continue to do so because his name is associated with the word MONEY. They do it just to make money and you are doing the brainwashing repeating the same false information until you believe that they are true.

  14. valleygrl

    i wish that none of this was being brought against him, I wish this was all fake.

  15. Dave

    Michael himself said on camera he slept in the same bed with kids who visited his house. If that’s all he did then he’s still an f’n sociopath

    • yes

      exactly. imagine if the strange guy down the street, who lived in a ramshackle house, regularily had sleepovers with 11 year old boys. imagine how fast the cops would be called. no one would be saying ‘that’s okay, he’s just trying to recapture his lost youth.’

  16. Anonymous

    Its Alright You All, The Truth Is That “He Did It, But Once”. I Am Sorry For The Quarrels He Has Caused You, I Hope You Find It In Your Heart To Forgive Him For Leaving Without Telling You His Plans. Staying Away With Such Accusation On Ground For His Kids To Take The All The Shame Really Hurts. What If You Could Hear His Voice Speaking To You Or Have Him Reply You In Social Network Like Facebook.
    Use The Name You See To This Comment For Facebook.
    Call This Number
    Dont Alarm Or Faint,


    I think illuminati wanted to make MICHAEL JACKSONs financial situation become worse or if they would take delight in making his life miserable trying to break him i like to ask what would you felt if MICHAEL JACKSON was in reality one of my sons in human form i myself am both LUCIFER and JEHOVAH thats who i really am as for GOD she is in reality a woman she is and was my real mother she gave birth to me she lost her virginity to me and i gave her my virginity GOD and i (as LUCIFER/JEHOVAH) conceived many children together. I think it wouldnt been to big of a surprise to me if MICHAEL JACKSON was really one of my sons in human form would you imagined that or not ? but who knows maybe im wrong you can mock me all you want it dosent matter to me if you mock me like right now.