68% of Music Fans Say Albums Should be Released on Friday or Saturday…

Given the choice, which day of the week do you think albums from your favorite artists should be released?

Release Date Survey
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11 Responses

  1. strange

    strange, thought most ppl are online on mondays or thursdays…

  2. Sam

    Beginning in July, the standard release date IS getting changed to Fridays. Nothing to do with a fan poll though. Music is released as it best suits its promotion.

  3. Willis

    What is the answer based on? Appears to be something that Dr Bunsen Honeydew put together.

  4. John Matarazzo

    This is not rocket surgery. People want to buy when they have money (Friday is pay day) and free time (Saturday).

  5. JAIO

    Monday is the strongest day of the week for online sales and weekends are the slowest time. People spend less time on their computers over the weekend. Most people in the US do their brick & mortar shopping over the weekend. If you’re marketing, or promoting, mid-day is the best time of day to post to social media. 11AM-3PM appear to be the best times to post.

    • Social Steve

      Yep – releasing music on a Wednesday would actually be ideal if you were looking to use social media to drive sales.