Warner Music Group Financial Results, 2002-2014…

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financial profits/losses, fiscal years 2002-2014 (source: SEC).

2014: ―$308 million.

2013: ―$194 million.

2012: ―$190 million.

2011: ―$206 million.

2010: ―$143 million.

2009: ―$100 million.

2008: ―$56 million.

2007: ―$21 million.

2006: +$60 million.

2005: ―$169 million.

2004: ―$1.422 billion.

2003: ―$1.353 billion.

2002: ―$6.026 billion.

Total Losses: -$10.128 billion


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  1. Chris H

    Crazy when you consider in a previous era those guys were like the Yankees.Well, the Yankees that won titles and stuff..

    • Anonymous

      Nothing will change until copyright law is enforced again.

      • danwriter

        Nothing is going to change until copyright law is fixed. Still paying royalties on “Happy Birthday”? Under current law the song’s copyright protection will remain intact until at least 2030.

        • FarePlay

          Stupid comment. Who cares. For every Happy Birthday they’re thousands of talented songwriters who’ve lost a fortune to piracy.

          • danwriter

            Sounds like you might be one of them. You dont advance your cause or the species with attatudes like that.

      • Versus

        Exactly. Intellectual property is the basis of the creative economy; without enforcement there is no hope.

    • FarePlay

      That’s when Warner’s top management was made up of A&R guys who understood music. When CD sales created fat margins and epic sales from consumers re-purchasing catalogue releases in the new format. The music business was making tons of money and Wall Street got involved.

      You can figure out the rest……………

  2. UMG to blame!

    UMG nerds jump first to bed with biggest digital NERDS and cut the best part of the nerdy deal for themselves!
    UMG gets the better part of nothing and as it shrinks stays in the black. Warner and Sony get almost nothing.
    There is no $600M cut for dead-Beats to Sony and Warner 🙁

  3. Anonymous

    The biggest question is: how the fuck does a company lose hundreds of millions each year for decades and still stays afloat? Creative accounting?

    • Anonymous

      They are always owned by a conglomerate, currently Access Industries. So long as company is making profit elsewhere they keep truckin’

    • Jeff Robinson

      According to the IRS, if you have losses too many years in a row as a small business owner then they deem what you do a ‘hobby’.

      Maybe that’s what Warner Music Group is?


  4. tcooke

    Warner Music just posted a profit of $18 million for the first quarter of 2015. (Wall Street Journal)

    • tcooke

      Warner Music Group is owned by Len Blavatnik, profile here: http://www.forbes.com/profile/len-blavatnik/
      He is a self-made billionaire. I would be very cautious about tossing this guy’s business acumen out the window.
      “In 2011 he acquired Warner Music for $3.3 billion”
      “in 2013, he moved into tech, with investments in three web-based music streaming companies, France’s Deezer, Daniel Ek’s Spotify, and Beats Electronics”

      • SCA

        Hey tcooke – not so fast my friend…..history is on my side when I say that over the past 40+ many many brilliant minds and businessmen have lost fortunes in the record business. It is a business that has long required a unique skill set and acumen that is rarely found in other businesses. .. Most of the executives Mr. Blavatnick has hired to oversee and run key areas of WBG (from the tippy top – down) are “business types” in the classic sense and have no idea how to find, recognize or develop talent, let alone discern a hit song, hit record and/or how to market and sell it….They have flushed millions buying twitter and Youtube acts based upon “hits” and “likes” (all classic business based decisions) and to date have not successfully transferred any of it to lasting or developing sales patterns. He hires personal “friends” to run divisions of his entertainment group who have not talent or expertise in these areas…..He is “insulated” from reality and there is no reason to thing that this will ever change……It is all part of the “fun” of being very rich and being able to “play” in any area you and your friends wish.

        I predict that the great WBG will eventually become like Decca – a logo on a letterhead in some lawyer’s office in New York or London. Eventually he will get tired of losing money and asset value and break it into pieces and sell it all off and call it a day……Just as the other wall street funded/financed and run music/record companies will all be disposed of, as the owners get older and the assets are no longer as valuable as…say “land”….which is quickly becoming a much better, safer and more predictable investment.

  5. Hollywood Accounting

    Don’t forget, these cooked figures include ginormous payoffs to the suits in charge and who knows what else. Kind of like when a motion picture loses money and is unprofitable as a result of ‘distribution’ fees paid to a studio…

  6. blahblahblah

    Hey, 2007 was a very good year! Only 21 million in the hole. Must have been that Josh Groban holiday album.

  7. KS2 Problema

    As with the politics of Europe, the complexities of today’s WMG are rooted in the corporate history of successive decades of management and owners. You can’t look at where WMG is today and begin to understand it without looking back to the end of their golden era and the tumult and disarray of the 90s.