Shut Down After One Day…

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Update 1: Saturday, 6 pm PT: There is now something uploaded and available at, though this looks different from the previous clones. 

Update 2: Monday, 1:15 pm PT: now looks ripped down, or at least unstable.  

Grooveshark is now losing its own little game of whack-a-mole.  As of early this (Saturday) morning, has gone dark, with earlier clone also buried.  That follows the late-April teardown of, which still displays a soggy apology in place of a once-thriving streaming site.

The cat-and-mouse follows a decisive and clear federal court ruling against Grooveshark for massive copyright infringement.   At this stage, the majors appear to be shutting down all clones with top-level domain name seizures.

The labels also appear to be proactively stamping out other clone extensions, before they become a problem.  A ‘‘ clone was rumored to be next, though that remains unavailable* update: as of Saturday evening, something has appeared at

Now, the question is where the next shadowy Grooveshark clone will resurface, though a scan of other country TLDs (top level domain extensions) on Saturday morning shows nothing.

The list of possibilities include,,,,,,,,,,, and grooveshark.ap, all of which are inactive.

Of course, the list of country TLDs is much longer than that, so stay tuned for what surfaces next.


Image by Anders Sandberg, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0). 

22 Responses

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      So yeah the site works and the original grooveshark never allowed dl links I think team shark is getting really pissed because they encourage it.

  1. Vail, CO

    It’s called pissing on their grave. Grooveshark sued DMN and lost.

    • jw

      These sites aren’t even run by the same people that sued DMN. Clearly. just seems to be pulling audio from soundcloud. Has DMN taken even a second to look into 1) what audio is available on, 2) what the source is, 3) whether the audio is legal or not, or 4) who is behind it, before declaring it a part of this “whack-a-mole game?”

  2. Anonymous

    Another has already resurfaced. I have been getting redirected to another grooveshark since yesterday and they are still up.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Are you talking about I just checked, yes there’s something there now (in the last two hours I guess it launched).

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      Common this is exactly as effective as removing the pirate bay or anonymous. If you don’t allow people to to stream they will just steal.

  3. Spoken X Digital Media Group

    I don’t give a fuck about your wealth you five and dime , Jews ! Fuck that stingy and very serious rogue cracker–your only purpose in life is to make sure a black man can’t go see his grandchildren at a football game because he can’t afford a car to get to the game–I know you dirty bitches very well. When you get your head hopped off on the world stage it’s a musical masterpiece–a concerto of a great agony event ! your friendly neighborhood poet , ;Literati X

    • P3rf3ct_Zer0

      This is just like the free the net fight in times square … its ridiculous that people are so consumed by money signs that can’t just treat everyone with love. I don’t agree with greed I have watched my sister get consumed by it and ignore her kids. All the companies have 100,000,000 of dollars because people buy good things. The site works great I have adblock plus but here is a link example.!/search_track?q=Sonic%20Unleashed

  4. dont use them another fake clone with redirects to possible malicious files

  5. Coty

    Right now has tons of free music to listen and download. Whats going on? This is a hack? A revenge?

  6. IsaaCh

    Really, is the future because it isn’t streaming directly copyrighted audio from mp3 or any other audio file in fact this is directly audio stream from youtube videos, Really, I don’t know how laws could act with a technology like this. This is great!

    • SortingHat

      Spotify is all there is left. 8 tracks is not free anymore and neither is raphsody or whatever the hell it’s called which is old news.

      You used to be able to have 25 free songs a month on Rapsody but now it says 7 day free trial and you can’t even see what they have to be sure it’s worth it as I like old classic albumbs.

      Spotify has a monopoly and they are sucking too as more albums are getting the gray treatment where maybe a few songs in an entire album will work.

      Most of their Disney soundtrack is grayed out. At first I thought it was because you had to have Spotify Plus account to view but people on Spotify + also have grayed out tracks for no reason.

      Spotify is like Google they have no direction and don’t listen to their *fans* or are even aware of their existence.

      All these big companies seem to be doing the exact same thing putting their hands into too many jars and not listening to people.