We’re One of the Largest Independent Labels. And We’re Not Licensing Apple Music…

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, this title does not at all reflect the content of this letter. DMN is becoming the fox news of the music industry.

      • Anonymous

        Hm, guess you guys missed this part:

        “we do not have an agreement with Apple Music that would allow us to participate in the new service”

  2. Anonymous

    I’m the world’s greatest artist.

    And my new album will not be available on Apple Music when it (perhaps) launches on June 30.

    Yours truly,

  3. jeffserrano

    all of the british indies (and indies in general) are pissy because they don’t have Merlin to hide behind and get them advances on this deal. this all about money, just not in the way people think.

  4. John Testa

    Plus, as noted in a post from yesterday, Apple is not paying indies any royalites on its radio stream if the song was matched or if the user is part of Apple’s free iCloud program. See page 45 of the contract.

  5. Anonymous

    French Indie Music Industry Joins Apple Music Protest

    Today French indie music trade group UPFI joined their US, UK, and French counterparts in denouncing Apple Music’s 3 month free trial which would pay no royalties. “Apple may cause a loss of income which may be considerable for all labels whose activity is based on the release of new products,” they wrote in an open letter to Apple.

    SOURCE: Hypebot

  6. Rickshaw

    And that is their choice. We’ll see how long it takes them to recant.