French, German Indies: “Apple Didn’t Even Contact Us…”

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Apple just keeps digging themselves into a bigger and bigger hole.  Independents like Beggars Group and others have already spoken out against Apple, but now more are joining in.

Here are excerpts from two open letters from The German Association of Independent Music Companies (above) and the Union des Producteurs Phonographiques Français Indépendants (below).


“Your plan not to compensate independent labels during the three-month trial period leads to the assumption that you don´t respect the music of independent artists or the work their partners do.

It is obvious that this will reduce the overall income for independent artists and labels significantly at a time when many depend on every cent for survival.

Your company is not a start-up, your company is the “first U.S. company to cross the $700 billion valuation mark” and the biggest digital music retailer, so we’d assume you’re definitively able to pay the independents and their artists.  Your company wants to use the content independent artists and their partners created, which took hard work, money and time. My guess is that without this music Apple Music won’t be that interesting, actually it might be quite boring with just mainstream acts on board.”


“Unfortunately, the speed with which Apple has announced the launch of this new service and the lack of consultation from the independent sector regarding contractual terms that are proposed or imposed on them, gives the feeling that Apple intends to impose its terms without the possibility of real negotiations prior.

This attitude is clearly likely to have serious adverse consequences for our members in the short term.

The most damaging decision for music producers is that of imposing a total lack of compensation for labels for a period of 3 months, corresponding to a gratuity offered to customers of Apple Music.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Fortunately, the discussion is over. Apple has finally been forced to change its position:

    All artists are free to opt out of Apple Music!

    So that’s what everybody needs to do now. Problem solved.

    • Message from Taylor Swift

      Taylor Swift explains why Apple hurts new artists, bands and songwriters:

      “I write this to explain why I’ll be holding back my album, 1989, from the new streaming service, Apple Music […] Three months is a long time to go unpaid, and it is unfair to ask anyone to work for nothing [I find it to be shocking, disappointing]

      This is not about me […] This is about the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success. This is about the young songwriter who just got his or her first cut and thought that the royalties from that would get them out of debt “

      Read the rest on her tumblr.

  2. Anonymous

    they want advances. they are not getting them. discussion over.

    • Anonymous

      “they want advances”

      They want to be paid for their work.

      Don’t you?

  3. Versus

    And to think I used to be an Apple fan, promoting Macs to people through Apple’s darkest hours against the “evil” Microsoft.

    Now who’s evil?