How to Download Apple Music, In 28 Easy Steps…

Want to get Apple Music on your late-model (2014) MacBook Air, in a Wifi-rich environment on launch day?

Step 1.

Open iTunes. Check out the new Pharrell exclusive you heard about on Apple Music!

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Step 2.

Wonder what’s going on.  Search around the iTunes app for how to get ‘Apple Music’.  Find nothing.

Step 3.

Search Google.  Find an article on how to get ‘Apple Music’.

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Step 4.

Follow the instructions contained in the article.  You’ll click ‘iTunes’ in the upper menu, then ‘Check for Updates’.  Now, upgrade iTunes and let’s enjoy Apple Music on launch day.


Step 5.

If it’s not ready (on the announced launch day), just wait 24 hours.

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Step 6.

Next day: wake up and try again. Click ‘Download iTunes’

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Step 7.

Proceed with the Upgrade.  Allow Apple to restart automatically.

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Step 8.

Open iTunes and begin the experience!  Whoops, looks like the the auto-restart triggered too soon.  Click ‘Download iTunes’.

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Step 9.

Start the update process all over again.

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Step 10.

Let the updates finish, or something like that.  Hit ‘Download & Restart’.

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Step 11.

Re-do all the updates, and let Apple automatically restart.

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Step 12.

Update the available downloads list.  Hit ‘Show Details’.

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Step 13.

Do the iTunes update again, and let Apple restart your computer.

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Step 14.

Let the something update.

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Step 15.

Let that other thing update.

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Step 16.

Let that one other thing update.

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Step 17.

It’s time to check out the new Apple Music!

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Step 18.

Double-check to see if that’s still the old iTunes (it is).  If the ‘Radio’ tab says ‘iTunes Radio,’ you still have the old version.

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Step 19.

In the upper left side of your screen, hit ‘iTunes,’ then ‘Check for Updates’.  Click ‘Download iTunes’

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Step 20.

Update iTunes 12.2 again.

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Step 21.

Whoops!  Make sure to close iTunes if it’s open.

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Step 22.

After another restart, it’s time to check out the new Beats1 Radio!

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Step 23.


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.58.54 PM
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Step 24.

Actually, you’re still on the old version.  You need to initiate your Apple Music membership.

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Step 25.

Click around a bunch of stuff on iTunes until you see this.  Click ‘Join Apple Music’.

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Step 26.

Initiate your 3-month free trial.

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Step 27.

Let iTunes accidentally pre-authorize your credit card, which is already on file.

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Step 28.

Check your credit card statement in three months!

28 Responses

  1. Jane

    I’m not sure what happened to this site. It used to be very informative. Great information and analysis. It’s become pure clickbait and hyperbole and silliness now. I’ll be moving on.

    • Anonymous

      “It used to be very informative”

      Still is — this article tells you everything you need to know about Apple Music.

      But like you said, it’s time to move on. And Facebook is next.

    • Anonymous

      I opened my Apple Music account today and it was a breeze. And I’m on a macbook from 2009.

      Paul looks incredibly foolish here because it’s obvious he was using a long outdated OS and an out-of date version of itunes.

  2. Anonymous

    Paul, this is so yesterday’s news.

    Everything’s about Facebook’s YouTube-killer now…

    (Die Google, DIE!) 🙂

    • Anonymous

      …also, die Apple, DIE! 🙂

      And here’s why it will succeed:

      It’s ad-based. There’ll be no paywall. No 28 easy steps. Just free music and free videos — plus Facebook.

      Nobody can beat that.

      • hey

        “It’s ad-based.” “Nobody can beat that.”
        And nobody can beat how low the payments will be too ! Like 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 cents.
        Come on, beat that Apple !

  3. Hank III

    I disagree @jane this is a great article. It is highlighting the ludicrous challenge to upgrade Apple’s own mac computer to enable its own music streaming service. This should be easy, but its not (isn’t their mantra “It just works”?). Great article, gave me a laugh and didn’t sugarcoat Apple product problems like every other site out there does (fragile and confusing apple watch anyone?) Not sure why you felt the need to chastise the writer or the website, no need to read what you don’t like. I for one quite liked it.

    • Anonymous

      “gave me a laugh”

      Same here. 🙂 Though it hurts, too. 🙁 I really, really loved Apple.

      But that was then.

  4. DavidB

    I have to admit I had almost as bad a time getting started. And once you have got started, there is virtually (literally?) no help or guidance on how to use it. Though that is not unusual with online services. On the other hand, once you do get into it, the layout is far more attractive than Spotify.

  5. Anonymous

    no one has ever hated anything in the history of the world as much as Digital Music News hates digital music.

  6. Hey

    How to Download Apple Music, In 28 Easy Steps…
    Maybe you should just stick to vinyl and 4 tracks ? 🙂 Cause it certainly didn’t take me that many steps.

    • Best Commet Ever

      Truer words have never been typed in this sites comment section.

  7. Burak

    Actually it was more than 28 steps for me. I have taken all these 28 steps, plus at the end learnt that it is not available in my country due to disagreements between Apple and Musicians’ Rights Societies… I even tried to change my ip over vpn, plus tried to authorize my credit card ad still no success. FML! F Apple Music!

  8. notallcomputersarethesame

    I did the update on my 2011 macbook in one try. and everything worked flawlessly.
    Just as easy as all the other updates I do on my macbook.
    but I also keep it up to date like a normal person should.

    I have so many friends that complain that their computers “don’t work” and I look at them, “oh you have about 30 updates you need to do, dummy.”

    • Paul Resnikoff

      In some cases, sure. But here, you could see I had the next-the-latest version required. Plus an OS update. Apple chose to rope in some other app updates as well, then auto-restart a minute into it.

      Actually, I think I’ll demonstrate an install of Spotify to compare. I’m guessing it will be 2, maybe 3 steps? See the problem here?

      • Nina Ulloa

        I did the update in like, three steps max. You don’t have to do “update all”, you could have just selected the iTunes update.

        Also step 23 is an iPhone not a Mac. So 27 steps really. You can also skip the last step, you can turn off any automatic credit card charges….. That may be worth an article.

  9. smg77

    I think digital music might be too complicated for Paul.

  10. Paul Resnikoff

    I should have probably checked under the “Update All” button to see if there was anything besides iTunes.

    Because iTunes installations don’t require reboots.

    I’m good. Real good.

    • soooooo

      this article is virtually useless based on Paul’s own admission. Good to know.

      • Anonymous

        Aren’t all blatant clickbait articles worthless?

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Ha, nice try, except that wasn’t me commenting above. It’s funny how many people are claiming I had an older OS (which I did), and a totally outdated version of iTunes (which I didn’t). Not to mention berating me for updating all of my apps (all three or four of them). Sorry, I think you’re all off in these criticisms: instead, Apple should simply wait before auto-rebooting, or actually complete the process (just saying).

        Then, sorry, Apple Music is horribly presented: most people have no idea what this update is all about, much less what the difference between downloading and streaming are. And if you doubt that, go ask your accountant friend.

        Sorry, truth hurts guys. I was just following the prompts.

        • There is something...

          Paul, let’s face it: You suck at using a computer. Maybe you should stop worrying about streaming and go back to your Walkman. Truth hurts…