The Expert’s Guide to Getting A Grammy Nomination While Wearing a Spacesuit (and Much More!)

Al Walser is a man who knows how to get ahead in the music industry. Despite being unknown on American mainstream radio,  Walser, an independent artist from Liechtenstein, clawed to mainstream fame as a nominee in the 2013 Grammy Awards.

So how’d he do it?  Listen and watch as we discuss his motivations, his musical influences and how he has gotten to where he is now in his musical career.

And, check out Al Walser’s new album, Al Walser Comes Alive, released at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA.  You can watch the show by clicking the album cover below.


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17 Responses

  1. MarkGregory

    Al is a good guy and a talented musician. Thanks for letting get to know him a little better.

  2. Jordan "Flash" Rose

    Al is a great person real talks to his fans just like me and not on an ego trip I’m glad he is in the industry as my self. Al gets the thumbs up from me. He deserves good, God bless.

  3. KimParker1980

    Al is an extremely talented musician, beautiful voice and also one of the nicest and fun people you could ever talk with.

  4. Cari AKA AZULES72

    Al your energy is contagious and you always make me laugh on your perioscope broadcasts. Keep reaching for the ☆☆☆☆s.

  5. Anonymous

    Great article Al 🙂 if you ever need a custom dj stand check out .. Tony Viscardi is amazing!

  6. Tracy

    Al Walser is the real deal!!! He has the voice, the look, the charisma, and the personality…the total package!! I dare anyone to listen to his music, and not find yourself singing his songs the rest of the day! Get ready, he IS the next big thing! I see MANY Grammy nominations/wins in his future! Awesome interview!

  7. Anonymous

    Amazing inspiration to the music industry. Myself as well as most viewers continue to listen to his music with love in passion in our hearts as he mostly definitely gives his audience. He’s also a deep down great person inside and out. He lives an amazing and caring life for himself along with his fans he portrays a great mindset for others and their dream in the music industry too. There’s not a thing he cannot do to lead others to an amazing life as his own, with the biggest heart I’ve ever seen along with spark in his eyes, he sets the show for others as they were his best friend of family. He knows how to not only do amazing work, but most certainly how to make his amazing work shine from the inside out. I myself have came to know the more personal,”Al” along with tons world wide. We all know how important it is in life to just be real and true to yourself. He knows every aspect on that to the extent. He’s real, true to his fans and an all around great inspiration to us all. So honored to know him and remember as well as carry on his work of greatness.

  8. serina Hannigan

    Al Walser is a very talented, geniune unique artist! Love his interaction with us fans! I am looking forward to seeing his music for the now and the future! Al Walser rocks!!❤

  9. pj4mexpress1995

    Al is truly amazing to the music, to his fans,

  10. Pj4mexpress1995

    #AlWalser is truly an amazing in so many ways! Weather your listening to his music,watching his videos,or periscoping with him live you feel like your the only person in the room. Haven’t we lost that some where along the way? Whens the last time you listened to someone who put Music before the Money? #AlWalser Thank you Digital Music News!!

  11. *Maybellynne*

    So happy and proud to be apart of The(Your) Walser Team and Thank you so much for sharing this Interview.

    I’m so proud of you and your achievements.I watched the entire interview and it was amazing listening to you.Everyone should start from somewhere and you’re already way above that point.There’s no way you are a digitally unknown DJ/Artist.(as digitatalmusic presented).You didn’t claw to fame as a Grammy nominee-You earned it with a lot of work and effort.
    Congratulations on picking the independent artist’s path.You got the European culture in you,you are an unique individual and that will make you stand out of the crowd anywhere you go.
    I appreciate your personal interaction/connection with your own audience,that makes you even more special.

    Love you,AL


  12. B. Hilton

    I love Al, he has a giving spirit and passion for music AND people…and he always wears great cologne 😉

  13. Irene Letitout

    Al Walser is authentic and that’s one of the many things I admire about him. I began watching Al on Periscope 3 months ago. I love his music, singing, staring, signature body moves and intelligent conversation. He is a wonderful person and a great entertainer! I look forward to seeing and engaging with Al and Team Walser on Periscope every chance I get. Thank you Digital Music News for posting this interview with Al Walser!

  14. Ms. Sharon, CEO/President, bWorks Entertainment

    Al Walser, great interview and stay real.

  15. Annette Conlon

    What a great way to get to know you, Al. You are a true artist! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

  16. John C. Slade

    Brilliant, candid, and very helpful interview. Sent me back to listen to his music, which projects his intelligence and daring sense of fun. I wonder why this mouse-that-roared is in fact an indie artist when he’s clearly talented, smart, and personable enough for the “big leagues”. But frankly, I like him better as an industry outsider. Dat’s rock’n’roll.

  17. Brad Chapman

    Hey Al: thanks for bringing this to my attention. Yes; you and I agree that an artist is most fulfilled by their actions as opposed to record sales.It’s interesting though that more records sales happen organically anyway. Let’s continue our lives as people who enjoy what they say and how you say it and win win will always be there for us. I will always continue to help artists really feel the soul in their songs.