What an Anti-Piracy Warning Looked Like In 1976

From the pages of Car Magazine in the UK, July 1976 edition…

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5 Responses

  1. Toy Needle

    That worked so well that nobody home-taped LPs ever.

  2. SueEmAll

    Unfortunately, the UK apparently has relapsed into an insane “no personal home copying” stance:

    In the US, for sound recordings, the RIAA has apparently backed down over the years in trying to push that absurd position.

    Furthermore, what the RIAA thinks about it may actually not matter, though, as a strong Fair Use argument can be made for personal home copying/format shifting as long as no further distribution occurs.

    The archaic UK stance is, I think, one of the overbearing, greedy moves which forever lost the sympathy of the public, and the shedding any tears over the music industry labels. Pretty much ranks up there with suing the Girl Scouts and Grandma, for singing Happy Birthday without a license.

  3. Laz

    I have to wonder how many recorded artists received their “proper payment” and how much was it ?