Apple Doesn’t Give a Shit That One of Their Executives Violently Assaulted Multiple Women

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The new “Straight Outta Compton” N.W.A. movie has made Dr. Dre’s extreme violence against women a renewed topic of discussion. Why? Because the film conveniently chose to ignore this part of the group’s history.

That was a tactic that may have worked back in the 90s, but not so much now.  Last week, Gawker published an article titled “Remember When Dr. Dre Bashed a Female Journalist’s Face Against a Wall?”  Then, a Digital Music News’ article from last year, “In 1991, Apple Executive Andre Young Brutally Attacked a Defenseless Woman In an LA Nightclub,” climbed to the front page of Reddit.  The article drew hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments on Sunday night.

Not only did Dr. Dre violently attack MTV host Dee Barnes and gloat about it, he also attacked Michel’le so viciously she needed plastic surgery.

So how is Apple responding to this attention on one of their top executives?  They’re heavily promoting Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 radio show and exclusively premiering his new album, “Compton”,  on Apple Music this week.

Maybe Apple just needs someone to straight up ask them what they think about Dr. Dre’s numerous violent assaults on women. I reached out to Kristin Huguet, Apple’s Manager of Corporate Communications, and received no response.  I also reached out to Apple’s entire media department. Again, no response.

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Bad press doesn’t seem to bother Apple.  Do we need Taylor Swift to write an open letter before they’ll give a shit?  I don’t expect Apple to fire Dr. Dre, but I expect more than silence from a company that prides itself on being progressive.

Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Ian Rogers, Jimmy Iovine, Trent Reznor, and Zane Lowe are all benefitting from ignoring these extreme acts of violence.  It seems like their own careers are more important than the pain and suffering these women went through.

Would things be any different if Apple Music had any senior female executives?

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  1. Remi Swierczek

    “Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, Ian Rogers, Jimmy Iovine, Trent Reznor, and Zane Lowe are all benefitting from ignoring these extreme acts of violence.”

    There is no benefit to anyone, just six confused high level executives cruising on Steve Jobs goodwill and getting intoxicated with potent mix of Daniel Ek’s and Tim Westergren’s MUSIC CONTRACTING DOPE.
    Standard narcotics are outlawed, MUSIC for a moment is out of luck!

    Actually they need some conventional DOPE to catch up with YouTube proven business model. Super urgent issue or Apple might collapse.

      • Remi Swierczek

        Whatever they all did in the past or doing now does not build bright future for music or musicians.
        Yes, they all have cosy well paid if not overpaid positions at S. Jobs propelled enterprise, if you call that the benefiting.

        • T. Cooke

          If u stick a piece of coal up trent’s ass, a diamond will come out. See, they can still make money Remi Martin Baller.

  2. Anonymous

    “Would things be any different if Apple Music had any senior female executives?”
    I guess you never heard of Angela Ahrendts. Now you do.

  3. T. Cooke

    This is ashame. Really sad to keep hearing about this. Has Dre indicated any sort of motion that he is sorry, admitted he was wrong, and then taken action to better women’s situations where they have been victims? His power, it could be an opportunity for him to grow in his personal life and help make advancements in society. I really wish he would do something postive here :(.

  4. Your Holy Judge

    From now on, I will only buy and use products from companies that can guarantee that none of their employees has ever commited an offense in the past. All their employees around the world should have a valid certificate of sanctity.
    In fact let’s start with DMN right now. Can all the DMN employees certify that they have never commited any offense ( that includes verbal and thought offenses ) in the past ? Otherwise I just can’t read or trust your articles anymore.

    • Universal Indie Records

      Thank you because the witch hunt is getting more than a little tiring.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not even close to a witch hunt, and it’s certainly not tiring.

          • wate r. melonman

            which doctor dre are we talking about? and how is either one an executive of anything except biggiesize & 2paks wills?and it don’t matter cause i hears greazy e stole the will and he done dird from asshole cancer because the paper das wheel be written on was made from trees in africa america where the green monkeys live and tat mades him conact aids. but my dogs tolds me if you doesn’t give your chilren childs upport that keeps me froms havn er uh aids.ands uh,er uh and shit, didn’t dre change his name to m in m un turn himself white ats michaels jack sons house in the reverse tanning bed?

    • get real

      Your Holy Judge: This is a company that allows its’ subcontractors to abuse the human rights of foreign labor forces, refuses to significantly promote any but a few “diversity tokens” (so they can brag about how ‘open’ they are as a company), and had to be publicly shamed into compensating musical artists (and still have a long way to go). They have a partnership with someone who seems willing to use physical violence to secure his financial advantage… and he’s of African heritage. How ironic.

      Is it sanctimonious to choose who I want to support with my money, and to keep my conscience clear that I’m not perpetuating slavery in the 21st century? Am I wrong for not wanting these people to succeed, for their success is our failure as human beings?

      Has anyone even seen this YouTube clip? @ 1:03

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Well, I’m not sure about ‘thought offenses,’ but I can personally guarantee that nobody at DMN has ever done anything on the level that Dr. Dre has done repeatedly.

      I think this is an important test for not just Apple, but the leadership of Tim Cook. Cook has planted himself as an improvement on Jobs’ cold, non-philanthropic approach, which includes proudly standing for gay rights. Strange that he’s completely unwilling to take a stand on women’s rights, at all.

      So I think we have an idea what Cook and Apple really stand for — not standing up for anything.

      • Anonymous

        nobody at DMN has ever done anything on the level that Dr. Dre has done repeatedly.

        So … or perhaps they’ve done something on the level that Dr. Dre has done, but not “repeatedly.”

        good to know

        • Nina Ulloa

          That sentence means Dr. Dre did it repeatedly.

          If he meant DMN doing it repeatedly it would have been “nobody at DMN has repeatedly done anything on the level that Dr. Dre has done.”

    • Versus

      Verbal and thought “offenses” are hardly on the same level as physical assault.

  5. Ed Jennings

    So you really are the music industry TMZ Web site… far you’ve fallen in credibility…

    • Paul Resnikoff

      TMZ isn’t activist, and they don’t create change. Nina’s a writer who stands up for what she believes in, and you know what? There’s a good chance she’s making a difference for the causes she champions.

      • cuz

        Calling out an industry that’s been corrupt and mostly gangster fuelled since it started well over a hundred years ago isn’t activist, Paul, it’s just stating the obvious. Try digging a bit deeper.

  6. DeezNizzuhh

    Paul…..I think you have a crush on Dr. Dre and secretly wish he he would give you a good beating.

  7. Mateja

    What does Dr Dre’s new album have to do with his alleged assaults on women? Apple is promoting his music, not him being a sexual aggressor. It’s not Apple’s job to judge or punish him.

    • Anonymous

      and he was already convicted and sentenced ( look into his wikipedia ). So he payed his dues to society. But DMN seems to think that anyone who commited an offense in the past should never be able to work and be part of society again.

  8. Versus

    It is good that you continue calling attention to this. This is indeed hypocritical and extremely disappointing for a company like Apple which claims to be progressive.

  9. FarePlay

    Nina, you should check the archives. This story ran before and this case is almost 25 years old.

  10. Slim

    Dre is 50 now, Trent is 50 now and are both married now.
    People make mistakes when they are young, especially if they came from a violent background.
    Apple hired Dre because he is a mastermind.
    Study a tape of NWA because you dont know anything about rap.

    If Taylor Swift opened a letter against Dre it would be the death of her career.

  11. wate r. melonman

    really, the” captcha” however you refuse to spell anything correctly, would not accept my answer 18 for the question; what is 9×2. you worthless common core pussies. you are so sure you’re right about being wrong you only prove how stupid you are. some one else care to answer what 2×9=? and please take less than two months and 44 legal pads to answer