The Game Accused of Committing Sexual Assault While Filming VH1 Reality Show

the game
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Rapper The Game has been accused of sexual assault, according to federal court documents now filed in Illinois.

A contestant on The Game’s upcoming VH1 dating reality show says The Game assaulted her several times on May 22nd, forcibly reaching underneath her dress and groping her ‘bare vagina and buttocks’.

She also says The Game was heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and acting in a belligerent, unpredictable manner.  The contestant is suing for $10 million.

12 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    “Rapper The Game has been accused of sexual assault, reports TMZ.”

    Hey DMN, how does it feel to have become the laughing stock of the music media world ? Desperetely trying to become a tabloid, but at the same time you’re not entertaining enough to be the new TMZ. Why don’t you give up and try to get at job at Fox news ?

      • Pope

        Cmon, Nina, that’s a cop-out to cite other lifestyle rags. DMN was, in the past, a source for news on the music industry and not a TMZ knock-off. Things have gone, and are going, downhill. It’s sad as DMN used to be a place I would read things that were truly important, which created dialog. Not so much now.

        • Vail, CO

          Who thinks that? Grooveshark? Billboard? Seems like every stupid industry failure is on here complaining. Go innovate or find something to not completely fail at.

          • Pope

            What a completely moronic reply. You don’t know me. I’ve actually succeeded at a number of things in the industry. That is what allows me to speak intelligently about this topic. Clue…get one.

      • Tim F.

        Both BET ( and Complex ( wrote more than a sentence that actually contain more content than a link. And they cover black/hip hop entertainment news. This is Digital Music News. If the beginning and end of your beat is going to be whinging about black rappers who commit crimes (who knew?) and you’re going to do it here at Digital Music News, you should learn to write more than 50 words and try to make it relevant to this site’s mission.

  2. Anonymous

    Why can’t people just use their names. Brother gotta be “The Game”. BS!
    Hasn’t rap “music” run its course for gods sake? It just so 90’s.

  3. Rikki

    who cares he’s a functionally illiterate rap thug……if you hang out with such disgusting people then you should accept disgusting behavior..

  4. lroose

    Seems like half the comments here are from DMN subscribers telling DMN how much they hate being subscribers.

    Yeesh, shut your mouth and stop reading if you don’t like it.

  5. T. Cooke

    I remember having a negative view for a long time of the Duke Lacrosse team after passively hearing about the gang rape debacle. It wasn’t until recently that I looked into it and the guys are totally innocent and are victims. Aweful for these guys. Really sad what some of the guys and the school are still suffering from. But when do I come off telling media professionals how to run their business? Or how movies should be casted or storied, what should be played on the radio, or what the public should know about. It’s all none of my business.

    • Nina Ulloa

      Those poor guys….

      “On March 13, 2006, members of Duke’s lacrosse team held a party, hiring two strippers. The two strippers who arrived at the party were both black, which allegedly led to a slew of racially charged remarks and actions, with one player reportedly shaking a broomstick at the women, and another thanking a dancer’s “grandpa for my fine cotton shirt.”

      Later that night, Ryan McFaden, then a 19-year-old sophomore at Duke who had attended the party, sent a now infamous email that seemed to serve as a smoking gun in the rape case. In the email, McFaden spoke of killing strippers and “proceeding to cut their skin off while cumming in [his] Duke issue spandex.”

      • Paul Resnikoff

        I’m not going to sit here and defend those actions, they are reprehensible (if true), but I think what ended up happening to those players was tragic because no crime was committed. That nasty text message was meant to be private, regardless of the nature of it, and those guys’ entire lives were affected by a witch hunt based on a completely fabricated accusation and resulting media frenzy.