The 10 Richest DJs of 2015

The 10 highest earning DJs of the year…

DJ: Calvin Harris
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DJ: David Guetta
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DJ: Tiesto
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DJ: Skrillex
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DJ: Steve Aoki
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DJ: Avicii
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DJ: Kaskade
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DJ: Martin Garrix
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DJ: Zedd
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Ranking of the top-earning, richest DJs of 2015 compiled by Forbes, using a variety of different income sources that include live shows, brand sponsorships, residencies, recording sales, TV deals, investments, and various entrepreneurial endeavors.  Earnings totals are global, with DJs frequently touring dozens of countries in a given year.

13 Responses

  1. Name2

    Calvin Harris isn’t pointing at anything. Why isn’t he pointing at anything? He looks lost in thought. What are a DJ’s deep thoughts? He sucks.

  2. Name2

    You laugh, but Tiesto knows that airport gigs are like printing money.

  3. Anonymous

    Interesting that out of all of these “DJs”, not one of them appears to actually be mixing.

  4. ShipOfFools

    … it’s looking mighty white and male around here…. so edgy and alternative.

  5. Versus

    Hang the DJ, hang the DJ…
    …because the music they constantly play
    says nothing to me about my life

  6. Name2

    This just in. EDM-infatuated website insists no one cares about sound quality. LOL

  7. friends enjoy house music

    and none of the mentioned djs I could bear to listen…

  8. lroosemusic

    I was at the party where that tiesto pic was taken!

    Wet Republic pool party at MGM Grand for EDC Vegas week.

    What a blast!

    • lroosemusic

      Oh and a bottle a water was $14 so I believe that the guy made $36m last year if all his venues are priced that way.

      I bought one bottle at the beginning of party and filled that shit back up in the bathroom.

  9. Literati X

    I like to see people thrive inside their endeavors. Unfortunately they’re no beneficial remedies for myself in this bullshit ! At 50 and faced with dying rapidly, I’m gonna kill up as many crackers and Jews as I can before I go on Wall Street. You must pay for stealing my ability to be comfortable on my death bed !