The 100 Biggest Copyright Infringers of All Time (as Ranked by Google)

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Rankings calculated by total takedowns by Google, based on requests by content owners and/or their agents.  Infringing sites and urls published by Google as part of its Transparency Report, which lists all takedown requests (and compliance to those requests), as well as the requesting companies and organizations. 

11 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to issue a DMCA takedown for a decentalized magnet link?

    • Google Omits YouTube from "Transparency" Report...

      isn’t it funny how google removes all google products from it’s “transparency report”? I bet the numbers on YouTube would dwarf even the largest of pirate sites. And then of course there’s Blogger and the rest… Transparency for thee, but not for me appears to be the Google Slogan…

  2. Her

    Something needs to be done about this. I wish I could meet one of these people. You could then take the name of their site off the list, since their eyes would be gouged out and their hands destroyed so they wouldn’t be able to type.

  3. Rickshaw

    Shouldn’t Google be at the top of the list as their search engine drives people to more illegal downloading than anything else on the Internet?

  4. Literati X Inc.

    Now you can’t leave the billionaire poet , Literati X ‘s case off this list , stepping into the United States federal court of equity after the first three years on the publisher’s job with a 122 trillion USD briefcase . . .Now you know why I’m the Legend Of The X. . .

  5. BC Bud

    Thanks for the list. I’m always looking for new sources of free mp3s.

  6. Danny

    Why do I have a feeling that Google conviniently left the biggest offender of them all off the list: YOUTUBE!