The 20 Most Watched Music Videos of the Summer

The top 20 music videos of the summer, according to YouTube.

My personal favorite video is #1.

music videos 1
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Music Videos 2
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music videos 3
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4 Responses

  1. dcguzman

    That failed of a number one spot is the reason why this site is dangerous. This site is no different from companies that tries to banned Tesla cars and Uber. This site propaganda anti market and anti consumer practices, and also members are zealots that they still believe what big corporations says. Even its obvious the big corporations dont care for this site members as shown in the no. 1 spot..

  2. dcguzman

    If everyone still dont get what the article is about and why the no. 1 is fail… This site outright says censorship of the media and deleted songs is good for youtube. Just keep thinking about that. This site says internet progress and freedom of media is bad for the artists and the industry. And the only way for the artists and songwriters to be compensated are culture restriction, and suppressing freedom of speech and expression.

    • dcguzman

      Thats exactly whats the no. 1 spot is. The author of the article like deleted content. The author even mentioned it sarcastically. This site likes restricted media and censorship. I will search for sopa and pipa articles if theyre pro or against to it.