Adele’s ’25’ Is Not Available on YouTube

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Add YouTube to the list of streaming platforms not offering Adele’s just-released album, 25.  As of this (Friday) morning, only the lead single, ‘Hello,’ is available, despite some misleading listings on the site.

Just yesterday, news leaked that neither Spotify nor Apple Music would have 25, a boycott by Adele (and her label) based on low royalty payouts.  YouTube offers the lowest royalty payouts of all streaming platforms, though the highest exposure and virality.  That would explain why so many high-budget Taylor Swift videos populate YouTube, despite the obvious contradictions (or arguably, hypocrisy) that this creates.

As for Adele’s 25, Apple’s iTunes Store is offering album-only downloads, but not companion streams on Apple Music, based on the far-higher payout at bundled downloads pay.  More traditional CDs, also a far better revenue generator, are being prominently displayed at Target retailers across the US.

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On the piracy side, the full album is now available on BitTorrent, with at least one heavily-seeded version spotted on the Pirate Bay 24 hours before the official launch date.  Meanwhile, initial projections point to a potentially record-setting debut, especially given the juicy, pre-holiday weekend sales window ahead.


9 Responses

  1. GGG

    I think we need at least 3 more Adele articles. There’s only 4 so far. Make it lucky 7.

    • So They CAN Block Content...

      This is bad for YouTube either way. If they can block the album it proves that it’s possible. If they can’t block the album it proves they’re incompetent. This is the moment. This is how we know YOUTUBE are full of BS.

  2. Anonymous

    Unless it was added recently, Taylor Swift has not allowed the album 1989 on YouTube- going all the way back to when it was released. The only thing put on YouTube were promo videos.

    I have no idea why this falsehood keeps getting written in all of your commentary about Adele’s new album, but how about you stop it?

    • Vail, CO

      Well, not the entire 1989. But she’s spend millions making high-end videos for YouTube, and there are a lot of them on there.

      That’s called HYPOCRISY folks!

      • Tone

        Not really, YouTube videos are much more effective in terms of branding and virality than Spotify songs. I doubt it’s anything personal, she’s just shrewd with her strategy.

  3. Anonymous

    “despite some misleading listings on the site”

    It has always been Google’s/YouTube’s policy to mislead its users.

    Do a Google search for Adele 25 and you’ll get 134,000,000 results.

    Wow, right?

    But look at the last page and you’ll see the actual number: 344.

    • Anonymous

      …I’d like to add one thing in Google’s favor, though:

      There’s not even one piracy link on page one. So that’s a truly significant improvement!

      They’re still lying and cheating and misleading — but they’re not sending fans straight to Pirate Bay anymore.

  4. Roger Bixley

    As for Adele’s 25, Apple’s iTunes Store is offering album-only downloads

    Not sure what you’re talking about, as I’m looking at ITMS right now and the tracks are indeed available for a la carte download of individual songs.