The 10 Biggest Music Streaming Apps, Worldwide

Rankings as of October, 2015, based on total active users.   Source: App Annie.


3 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    YouTube should be there also hard to believe that AppleMusic did not make the list.

    All of those entities including YouTube and AppleMusic DO NOT deliver more than 5 (FIVE) billion dollars in gross music revenues! Net payout to music industry is lass than 2 (billion) dollars.

    At full blossom those unit-business entities will kill all methods of logical music monetization.
    If we do not stop this madness we will end up with $25B sub and ads in 2025 with net payout to music business at less than $10B.

    Time to CONVERT this MUSIC NERD-LAND to primitive discovery based $100B music store!
    To lock 90% of the music nerds above would have to stop display tune info that is not part of your legit play list.
    Than Google, Shazam, Soundhound, Gracenote and just few more would become profitable cashiers of music.

    You like it? You want to have it at your finger-tip? YOU GOT TO PAY!

  2. markedwards

    I don’t understand these rankings. How can each system’s “native” (as in part of the OS) music app, Apple Music and Google Play Music, not be somewhere in the results? And as the commenter above said, we all know YouTube is huge. I’d venture to say they might beat all of the audio-only services combined.

    As with most web metrics, this information seems a little inaccurate.