The Difference Between TV Streaming and Music Streaming

Total, paying subscribers…

TV Streaming vs. Music Streaming
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Paying streaming subscriber figures based on company disclosures:

(1) SoundCloud most recently announced plans to start a paid subscription service in the future, but currently has no paying users.

(2) Apple announced 10 million paying subscribers at the end of 2015.

(3) Tidal announced 1 million paying subscribers in late 2015.

(4) Spotify announced its 20 millionth subscriber in mid-2015, and has not updated that figure since.  Separately, a Spotify executive predicted 100 million total users during the first quarter of 100 million, which offers a reasonable estimate of roughly 25 million paying users (with more bullish estimates towards 30 million).

(5) Netflix announced its 75 millionth paying subscriber on January 19th, 2016.

7 Responses

  1. Lob

    Where’s the “difference between real journalism and clickbait blogs” article?

  2. difference in numbers, yes. Adjust these numbers relative to how much time people spend on music, TV and cinema. That would be interesting!

  3. Gru

    Tv+Movies cost financially a whole lot more to create than music though… It’s not really comparable.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I’m trying to point out a pretty glaring difference between music and TV subscription rates. People, overall I find like music more, it’s more meaningful in their lives. Yet they’re a lot less willing to pay for it.

      • Jamie

        Would’ve been nice if you had bothered to put some sort of reasoned argument into the piece, rather than a graph which doesn’t explain anything at all. And, seriously, how on earth did you manage to extrapolate your ‘hunch’ from those figures anyway? Poor.

    • Andrea

      From the customer’s point of view, it doesn’t matter. I don’t look at the price of anything based on how much it cost but how much value it has for me.

      • Andrea

        (Previous comment was meant for Gru, oops! )

        It’s a cool comparison but I agree, a few more details would be great!