Want to Stop Piracy? Try 10 Year Jail Sentences…

UK Govt: Stop Pirating Or 10 Years In JailUK Government says two years is not enough for copyright infringement offenses…

The UK government has concluded that the punishment for online pirates should be a 10-year jail sentence, Torrent Freak reports.

This decision comes after a study in March last year that was commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office.  The study looked into the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1998, to see if there are any amendments that needed to be made in order to better deal with the issue of online copyright infringers.

The current legislation states that the maximum prison sentence for online copyright infringement is two years, and the UK Government argued that this isn’t enough to deter someone from pirating.  So, in June last year the government launched a consultation to see if the public agrees on a harsher penalty.

This morning the results were released and the government confirmed that they will be asking Parliament for a ten-year maximum sentence.

Minister for Intellectual Property Baroness Neville-Rolfe says…

“The revised provisions will help protect rights holders, while making the boundaries of the offense clearer, so that everyone can understand how the rules should be applied.”

The government addressed concerns over those that infringe without knowing being subject to a 10 year sentence, by saying that “enforcement agencies and private prosecutors have a staged response system, encompassing education, ‘cease and desist’ notices, and domain suspension.”

“The Government believes that a maximum sentence of 10 years allows the courts to apply an appropriate sentence to reflect the scale of the offending.”

The government will now provide to Parliament with its updated provisions.

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    George Johnson

    Now we’re talkin’! Could American pirates be next… I mean American music lobbyists?

  2. Avatar

    10 years sound pretty hysterical for any kind of theft.

    The weird part is this old-fashioned distinction between online and offline theft, though.

  3. Avatar

    again this will not apply to the biggest offenders black people…..they have been getting away with stealing and selling music for 20 years……they still do it on ebay and craigslist…and rap hip hop streaming stations with no royalties paid logos

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    Remi Swierczek

    Intoxicated with ads on the road to convert TRILLION DOLLARS of content to 50 billion dollars of AD ASH!

    Have $100B ADWORDS – crisp and brilliant!
    Then start logical DIRECT HARVEST of TRILLION dollars in media!
    Just take it outright in place of BURNING IT for few cents in ads!

    PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSE! Larry, have some honor and greed.

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    10 years for illegal downloading?

    While all the while the bankers and corporate titans continue to walk free while enriching themselves off the backs of the average Joe.

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    I think fines and community service would make more sense. FInes should be proportional, and used to compensate creators for their losses.

    Community service could include serving as a music intern.


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