After High-Profile Losses, Kesha Fires Her Lawyer…

Kesha Replaces Mark Geragos After Unsuccessful Legal Battles
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Kesha is replacing her lawyer after losing multiple legal battles…

According to recent reports, Kesha has filed court documents at a New York Supreme Court on Monday to replace Mark Geragos as lead counsel.  Geragos has been representing the pop singer throughout her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke, on that hasn’t been going in her favor (to say the least).

DMN has been following the Kesha vs. Dr. Luke smackdown since the first legal papers were filed in court.  Throughout the case, attempts made by Geragos to have the singer released from her contract with Sony Music have been flatly denied.  On top of this, all eight allegations made against Dr. Luke — except for one — were dismissed by the judge.

Now, it seems as though Kesha has had enough of losing legal battles and public humiliation.  Incidentally, what’s also interesting is that the pop star’s mother, Pebe Sebert, also sacked Geragos as legal representative and dropped the case she filed against Dr Luke for ‘intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress’ last week.

3 Responses

  1. Roger Bixley

    Maybe the new lawyer will tighten her legal battles, since the other one has apparently been loosing them.

  2. Stephen Aristei

    The problem with those truly familiar with this case is that they realize that Kesha does not need or want high quality, smart and experienced legal council, she wants a lawyer who will be her soldier, drink her kool-aide and carry out her orders, regardless of the law or the truth….Mark is lucky to no longer be a part of this procedure. I wonder how those who helped fund, finance and donate to support her in this action will feel when the truth finally comes out…..!

  3. Rich

    Easy to make allegations, and attempt to ruin someone’s reputation, relationships and career.
    Kesha should have considered the issues of evidence and honesty before opening her mouth.