Google Under Fire Yet AGAIN, This Time Over Monopolizing Search Results

Google Under Fire Yet AGAIN, Over Monopolising Search Results
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Google may undergo biggest anti-trust punishment to date….

Officials in Brussels are finalizing the 7-year investigation into Google’s online practices, and it has been reported that the search giant will undergo a massive fine over monopoly abuse.

The European Commission is reportedly hitting Google with a €3 billion fine, which is the highest anti-trust punishment to date. As the fine has not yet been finalized it could even reach the maximum at €6.6 billion – which is a tenth of Google’s total annual sales.

But this isn’t all, the search engine will also be banned from manipulating search results in the future.

Things are not looking great for Google right now.

They have been constantly under fire recently, and not only have they been formally charged with illegally promoting their own price comparison service in the general results search, but they have been knocking the smaller rivals to the bottom and preventing them from getting traffic to their site.

That’s not mention the scrutiny its been getting off the BPI, IFPI, RIAA, and also musicians regarding the sheer volume of DMCA takedown requests, and its flawed content ID system on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Now, the heat has been heightened as there is a new investigation into alleged monopoly abuse related to Google’s Android smartphone software.

Is it ever going to stop>

There has been no comment from Google as of yet.