The Harambe the Gorilla Official Playlist…

The ‘R.I.P. Harambe Playlist’…

  1. “Goodbye, Dear Friend,” Deer Tick

  2. “Your Protector,” Fleet Foxes

  3. “Apologize,” Timbaland feat. OneRepublic

  4. “Pay Attention,” Big K.R.I.T., Rico Love

  5. “Innocent,” Our Lady Peace

  6. “Cold Blood,” Yo Gotti feat. J. Cole, Canei Finch.

  7. “I’m Innocent,” Murs

  8. “Locked Up,” Akon

  9. “What Comes Around… Goes Around,” Justin Timberland.

  10. “The Shortest Straw,” Metallica

  11. “Fuck You,” Cee-Lo.

Got more?  Add them below.  

Over the Memorial Day weekend, endangered western lowland gorilla Harambe was shot dead after an unattended toddler somehow broke through several protective barriers at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Emergency response officials defended their decision to shoot the rare animal on fear that the child was in imminent danger.

Now, a growing number of animal rights activists and observers feel that Harambe was protecting and nurturing the child from a noisy crowd of onlookers.  With zoo officials on the defensive, pressure is mounting for a full investigation and punishment of the mother who allowed this to occur.  That includes a fast-growing ‘Justice for Harambe’ campaign, which is garnering hundreds of thousands of followers and signatures.

So here’s a shared playlist to help remember this animal and express some of my frustrations around his death.  Add some songs, here or on Spotify; or just listen.

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous


    Imagine the reactions if Harambe the Gorilla had not been shot and the child was dead.

    • Colin

      As sad as it would have been if the child had died, the zoo has barriers to separate humans and animals for a reason. You walk into a zoo knowing fully well that wild animals are inside, and if you follow the rules of course no one will get hurt. Now, a child may not know any better, but the child’s harm would have been put on the mother, as it should be, and not the gorilla who is in captivity (by us humans) minding its own business.

  2. Josh

    Still unbelievable. Humans! And that Playlist…tuning in for Hara!

  3. Me

    You could double the revenue for all the artists on this playlist if you put it on Tidal, apparently.

  4. Me

    You forgot:

    “Monkey” by Low (Sample lyric: “Tonight the monkey Dies”
    “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by Pixies
    “Don’t Get Lost In HEaven” By Gorillaz
    “Primates In a Human Zoo” by Head-On