Live Concerts Generate Six Times More Revenue Than Streaming…

Live Music, Massive Revenue Generator For UK and US
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Live music revenue just keeps exploding…

In the US, live music revenue has been increasing year-on-year.  Between 2014 and 2015, there was an increase in expenditure in the US by a massive $240 million, a figure that sharply contrasts pre-recorded music.

PwC predicts that the US music industry will see a year-on-year incline of 4.7% from 2015 through to 2020, stimulated by a 5.2% year-on-year increase in ticket sales and a 2.7% year-on-year increase in sponsorship. To highlight just how significant its contribution to the US music industry has been, it generated nearly 6 times the revenue generated by streaming in the US in 2015.


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But, it’s not just the US that are experiencing increased levels of spending in the live music sector.  The UK is also experiencing a similar incline.  UK Music, a cross sector trade group, published its annual report which highlighted a healthy increase in British concerts.

In 2015, 27.7 million people attended a live music event in the UK.  Out of that 27.7 million, 24 million attended a concert or gig and 3.7 million attended a festival.

Nearly 40% of the overall number were ‘music tourists’, and the UK experienced a 16% increase on the previous year of tourists coming from outside the UK to attend an event. In total, music tourism contributed £3.7 billion to the UK economy, up 7%.  ”The appetite for live music continues to grow,” said UK Music chief exec Jo Dipple.  “What this report shows, unequivocally, is the economic value of live music to communities, cities and regions.”

The UK’s Secretary Of State For Culture, Media & Sport, John Whittingdale, added…

”This is a fantastic achievement and a great testament to both our live music industry and the musical talent it supports.”

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2 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    For the moment LIVE makes real music industry for chosen few!
    90% of that income belongs to few hundred mega stars.

    YouTube and all inclusive streaming services will never delver more than $20B globally and will maintain current Hunger Games with lottery tickets issued for chosen few.

    Convert Radio and streaming to global music store and single tune from unknown artist can make $50 million dollars in few weeks.
    Instant and well deserved earnings for Radio station, discovery DJ, the artist, song writer and any other involved party.

    • doktor audio

      well, Remi, here’s some good news for you: it seems that in a few years there won’t be any more music superstars left, because it will become just too expensive to put a song on the radio or on top of a playlist. if you want to take money away from superstars, you should start trolling youtuber forums.

      a single tune from an unknown artist can make $50m already today. if it gets picked up as a ghost tune by the scouts of a current superstar.