Report: Authorities Concealed Stockpiles of Child Pornography at Michael Jackson’s Residence

Michael Jackson may have been a seriously sick individual.

Authorities discovered stockpiles of child pornography and disgustingly lewd images of animal torture at Michael Jackson’s residence at Neverland Ranch, but didn’t disclose those findings to the general public according to a recently published report.  The image pile also includes depictions of S&M, strange collages of children’s faces pasted on adult bodies, and other seriously deranged material alongside graphic DVDs and computer files.

Radar Online has now released an 88 page dossier of disturbing images and documents, which somehow never crossed into public view until early this morning.

(Please note: the dossier can be found here; I’ve looked at just a few pages and it’s pretty disturbing stuff.  Definitely NSFW; but consider whether you want to see these types of images and disgustingness).  

The lurid evidence appears to have been collected during a 2003 raid by police of the Neverland Ranch.  Jackson was later acquitted of wrongdoing on 14 counts, just one of several court battles involving allegations of child molestation and other sexual crimes.  The stockpile itself, which was complemented by other forms of media like video, was characterized by authorities as useful for ‘lowering the inhibitions’ of child victims.

“The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will,” Radar’s source explained.  “[Jackson] also had disgusting and downright shocking images of child torture, adult and child nudity, female bondage, and sadomasochism.”

The discovery puts a glaring spotlight on the Santa Barbara Country Sheriff’s Office, which appears to be the organization in charge of the raid.  This is the department that would have known about the existence of such material, and responsible for its handling.  The Office has now responded to an inquiry from Digital Music News, confirming that these documents ‘appear’ to be genuine but were leaked without authorization:

“Some of the documents appear to be copies of reports that were authored by Sheriff’s Office personnel as well as evidentiary photographs taken by Sheriff’ Office personnel interspersed with content that appears to be obtained off the internet or through unknown sources.   The Sheriff’s Office did not release any of the documents and/or photographs to the media.  The Sheriff’s Office released all of its reports and the photographs as part of the required discovery process to the prosecution and the defense.

The documents with a header titled Sheriff’s Department that contain a case number appear to be Sheriff’s Office documents.  The photos that are interspersed appear to be some evidentiary photos taken by Sheriff’s investigators and others are clearly obtained from the internet.”

Why these lurid images and documents are only coming to light in 2016, more than 13 years after the raid and subsequent court battles, is anyone’s guess. The discovery coincided with accusations from Gavin Arvizo, 13 years old at the time, who came forward with claims child molestation.  Jackson was completely acquitted of those charges by 2005, and died four years later.

We’ll report more information, including responses, when we receive them.

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  1. D

    How can anyone count this as truth when it was concealed for so long? It would have to come out immediately to be proven true…look what they could do with all that time now ..planting things to further destroy Jackson’s legacy. I don’t believe it.

    • Anonymous

      “It would have to come out immediately”

      A lot of it did, but nobody wanted it to be true. Just like now…

      • Kitty Carlisle

        Oh, I BELIEVE IT COMPLETELY. Never has any one talent been so completely screwed up. Who knows what his father and mousy mother REALLY did to him for him to become the extreme person he did. In my lifetime I have never witnessed a black person change into a white person as he did. Who does such a thing to himself? My ass he had a skin disease. He had a disease to be white like never seen before. As for his other proclivities why should anyone be surprised. He lived a life of extreme talent, extreme hell. I’ll bet when he looked in the mirror he could not believe what he saw. Essentially -a freak by our society’s standards. He turned himself willingly and knowingly into a freak. He belongs in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. What a crazy, extremely sad yet gifted life.

        • sss

          black person to white ??? he had skin disorder and reading the news dosnt back it up more false bullshit,, its none of our business since we dont know any of this personally

          • Truth

            Y’all are all indenial.. Sad enough for the “CHILDREN” who had to endure it. You know if the evidence was falsified, he as the “King of Pop” could sue for defamation of character, and slander. Taking all of their jobs. However, he couldn’t why do you think?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      D, really glad you raised that. Agreed, it’s important to make sure these documents are genuine, though I will note that the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office has not denied that these are real and were submitted into trial. We’re awaiting direct comment from them.

    • Anonymous

      Your really wanting to believe that this man was innocent of all wrong doing. I suppose Bill Cosby is innocent in your mind as well. Where there is smoke there is fire. His legacy should be that of a deranged pedophile. May he forever rot in hell where he belongs. The worlds children are greatful that he can no longer harm them for his own sick pleasure.

  2. Anonymous

    Having child porn if a serous crime all by itself so why the hell was not child porn charges file against the man at the time?

    Do not buy it at all.

    • JohnForce


  3. David

    I believe it.. Michael Jackson was a weird dude.. Can’t take anything away from his talent, but I think deep inside everybody knew he was that strange freak..

  4. Anonymous

    “Authorities found stockpiles of child pornography” Huh? Did you read either the original article or the report? No child porn was found at all, let alone “stockpiles”. There were a few art books that contained some images of naked children, but as the police specifically indicate in the report, those images are not child pornography (hence his never having been charged with possession of child pornography, which is a crime.) Furthermore, some of the material that was reported as ‘disturbing’ included adult pornography magazines, the kind that can be found on most newsstands. Jackson may have been a creep, a criminal, or whatever else, but there’s nothing here that does anything to prove that.

    • Anonymous

      IKR. It’s like no one can read. I went in to them 80 pages ready for some solid stuff, only to see your average kink porn and some shock-value coffee table art books.

  5. Val

    After all this time now they come out? Timing everyone.…how sad the media tabloid junkies are hungry for some Michael Jackson again! How fitting! The man was and will always be INNOCENT!!! I sick to death of all this crap! Its news worth starting a bonfire with or wiping my rear with! ✌

  6. L

    This article is incredibly misleading. If you go through the actual 88 pages they don’t have any child porn in them. They have freeky deeky porn found, and a few “art” books that have nude/semi-nude (non-sexualized) children in them. Although creepy, none of this is illegal. As stated in the actual attached documents….if real even…which apparently no one looks at.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      What am I missing here? I went through the entire report. Aren’t pictures of naked children considered child pornography? A magazine with naked ladies is called pornography.

      Is the law somehow different than what I thought would be a standard definition?

      • Jack

        A porn magazine is slightly different than a magazine or book featuring naked ladies. Just like pictures of naked children are not automatically child porn.

        • Paul Resnikoff

          Why not? The child isn’t old enough to give consent, and the audience is typically sick people.

          Shouldn’t that qualify as illegal activity?

          • Reasonisimportant, Soiscontext

            Why not? Is this a real question? Or just a very bad attempt at sarcasm? Naked pics of a child are always pornographic, really? Always?

            So, every parent who takes a picture of their infant/toddler playing in a bathtub is guilty of creating child pornography? And every time they show said pic to a grandparent, sibling, best friend, etc., they are now guilty of distributing child pornography? There’s no way you can believe that to be true.

            I’m a medical resident; I couldn’t begin to count the number of photos/illustrations I’ve seen of naked children. Are we to believe that all of those health, biology, medical, physiological, anthropological books are actually peddling child porn? And all the writers, publishers, sellers are trafficking child pornography?

            Pictures of naked children = pornographic material of children? Period, end of discussion? You can’t be serious…

  7. Dustwatch

    I idolized this man for years, I thought he was a symbol that there was still hope for humanity. I thought society was trying to tear him down. I don’t want this to be true as much as anyone, if not for him, for myself. But I am sorry, it just is, no denying it anymore. He was a monster, and those poor children never were lying, but got treated like they were. My heart is broken for them.

  8. Amanda

    What is wrong with people, Michael Jackson was an amazing man, why you would bring this all up now is beyond me… For hearsay if it was True the POLICE let a guilty man walk free for money and hid this evidence?? I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON so so much please be respectful and let him Rest In Peace, shame on all the negitive desturbing people please find happiness in your own lives and leave others alone especially people you do not even know #showlovetoall #peace&unityxo

  9. Andy

    The man was, and is 100% innocent.
    This report is ‘non-news’. There is not one piece of any evidence that incriminates him. None.
    Actually all the “evidence” brought against him, makes it clear that he was being exploited. His accusers were nothing but criminals trying to extort him.

  10. Wheeler98

    Paul…is this really the direction you want to take this newsletter?


    1) Bill Cosby. Jimmy Savile. Jerry Sandusky. They all got away with it for decades, so stop saying “at the time” and “why now.”
    2) stop saying “the were art books available at any store.” he had many books, depicting underage kids nude. they were not in sexual situations, so could not be considered porn — but then you read that a couple of the books were written by pseudonyms of two NAMBLA (manboy love) proponents. ALSO: psychologists have determined that pedophiles actually like to collect ‘non-sexual’ nude imagery of kids. AND psychologists state that predators use material like this to “lower inhibitions”. These books were found all over jacksons place, including in the bathroom, so any of his visitors could look at them. “See, it’s normal to run around with adults naked” or in your underpants or whatever. How many of you have mulitple books of unclothed children on your shelves?
    3) Read the police report. the more you read the more it all adds up, more and more and more.
    4) Jackson claims the books “were sent to him” and that he didn’t know they were there… but he has inscribed his own name in some of them.
    5) there were also photos of barely dressed kids found, one being i think a nude one of the kid who brought charges against him.
    6) that one kid described his penis (splotching or something) which is why the cops took photos later of Jackson, and the descripiton was accurate.
    7) there are BILLIONS of dollars at stake. You don’t think that will be protected not just with lawyers but with teams of PR people posting on websites that “it’s just art books” and “he was never convicted” etc? Remember: Sandusky was in his 60s, Cosby in his 70s, Saville dead 80s before any of that info came to light.

    • Paige

      Thank you! Common sense response for once and not an emotional one! I loved his music too but I’ll never defend someone when it’s a clear cut case.

  12. AlexKx

    He’s a witch! He’s a witch! I can just tell! Everyone else told me so! All you have to do is look at him! He’s obviously a monster! An animal! GET HIM!!! Oh, no. Wait. He’s dead already. Oh, well.

    How’s the genocide going on? How’s the catching of real child molesters going on? How’s the drug epidemic going on? How’s the debt crises? How’s supporting an over reaching government going on? How’s surrendering your peace, freedom, and prosperity to a cult of personality going on? How’s losing your wars on purpose for sixty years now when you did not have to working out for you? You think the mainstream media aren’t Gobbles? I wouldn’t be so sure.

  13. Idontcomehere Forgossip

    Hate to be Captain Obvious here, but as intelligent as I would like to think DMN readers are, not one of youpointed out the irony of this story “leaking” on the annivesary of his death. ORRRR, the fact that “Radar” is the source here?

    Seriously. Radar Online. Like forreal? 😀

    IF this is was legit, explain how and why TMZ who broke the MJ overdose story, among COUNTLESS other of this nature didn’t cover this. Nor did any other REPUTABLE major news outlets.

    This story is of Trump-trolling proportion, and not a good look for DMN.

  14. annie

    It’s all bs lies. nothing in this story is true and ROL rOTFL It’s another cut and paste job. If you believe ROL I have awampland in Florida I’m willing to sell.