Twitter Opens Upgraded Video Platform to All U.S. Content Creators; Boasts Higher Revenue Sharing

Twitter has opened up their Amplify program to all U.S.-based video creators in order to generate content, according to a Twitter blog post.

But here’s the best news for content creators: the rates are definitely better than YouTube and Facebook, both of which give you around 55% of overall ad revenue.  Under the Amplify Publisher Program, you’ll be receiving around 70% of the revenue, with Twitter only taking a 30% cut.

Twitter aims to keep this very simple for approved content creators, with “the ability to monetize their videos… as simple as ‘checking a box’ prior to Tweeting.”  Once you’ve done this, pre-roll ads will “run against the content” with a piece of the ad revenue generated shared right back to the original content creator.

Twitter was quick to jump on this, openly touting their model as an “industry revenue share model.”  This is great news for independent artists who may now choose to elect Twitter as the go-to platform for posting their music videos.

The announcement goes on to state that there are also two options for the content you post.  You can choose to opt-in videos tweet-by-tweet, or just place a pre-set monetization for all of the videos.  The best part of this is that content posted isn’t limited only to the micro-blogging platform; you can post the same content on other sites to better increase your overall revenue.

The announcement goes on to state that approved creators can now upload, manage, and publish their media on Media Studio, replacing the old  Currently, the Media Studio page will link you to a support page with an FAQ and brand new features you can start using once it goes live.  For content creators aiming for mobile coverage, there’s also the new Twitter Engage app for the iOS, which also features an earnings section for creators.


Top image by Scott Beale, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0)

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    This is a dream come true!

    And it comes at the worst possible moment for YouTube, constantly sinking deeper and deeper in escalating wars with everybody in the entertainment industries.

    To make matters even more interesting, Facebook is coming with their own monetizing later this year.

    But it’s great that Twitter beat them to it, I’m really not that interested in Facebook’s old audience (or its rampant censorship).

    Twitter is simply the perfect platform for contemporary music:

    It’s cool, fast, entertaining; everybody’s there — including all the media you need — and it strikes the perfect balance between freedom of expression and protection from hate speech.

    Imagine that… instead of placing your songs in the middle of YouTube’s comment swamp, they can now be part of the world’s fastest news and entertainment flow.

    And you don’t have to support Google anymore!

    That’s just awesome, if you ask me! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    It’s not only awesome for artists, it’s also great for Twitter!

  3. Paul Resnikoff

    I’ll be really curious to see what the actual payouts end up being. 70% sounds great, but… 70% of what exactly?

    • Anonymous

      Twitter is already a decent platform for videos, and I can’t imagine why anybody would tweet YouTube videos now (provided Twitter solves its advertising issue).

      And where would you rather advertise — in YouTube’s madhouse or right in the middle of Twitter’s news feed?

      Plus, more videos will drive way more traffic.

      So I’d say 70% of a pretty nice chunk.