Someone Just Invented AirPod Catching Earrings…

Another Type of 'AirPod'

Image by Ian Mackenzie (CC by 2.0)

Yet another AirPod accessory to save you $159.

When Apple first announced the AirPod, it quickly became the butt-end of a lot of jokes. The Air Pods were also the source of a lot of funny memes.

The Guardian likened them to tampons without strings.

So far, reviews have been mixed. Business Insider said the Air Pod was a mixed bag. MacWorld said they rocked. Gizmodo AU said they’re shockingly not terrible, as once thought. Wired gave them a 5 out of 10, calling them flat-out ugly.

“Let’s just get all the fun comparisons out of the way up top. Wearing AirPods is like wearing a toothbrush in your ear.  No, it’s like your earbuds are melting down the side of your face.  They look like tiny hair dryers!”

For the most part, criticism has subsided. However, there’s a new product now available for 3D printing.

Over at Thingiverse, developer M3D has posted the files needed to print out a copy of your own Twisty Earbud Catchers. However, women are the main audience. Take a look.

Image by M3D (CC by 3.0)

Image by M3D (CC by 3.0)

Rob Marrieta spoke with Digital Trends about the Twisty Earbud Catchers.

“We were in our office, joking about what would happen if someone got one of these hooked into their large hoop earrings. After a while someone said, ‘Well, maybe we should aim for that.’

Based on that comment, we started working on this, with the idea that it could be the perfect stocking stuffer for someone to give an iPhone fan this Christmas.”

The files are available in a 1.8 MB ZIP file. Thus, you can do the printing, or take it to a 3D printing professional to do it for you. The colors are also customizable, so you can choose how the basket will looks.

Continuing on with Digital Trends, Marietta said,

“It’s about rapid reaction… 3D printing allows for instant realization of ideas. OK, so it’s not quite Star Trek–replicator levels of instant just yet, but it does mean that we can turn around a concept in the same day and make it available to a large number of people.

As soon as there’s a need for something, we can fulfill that need. Even if that need is just for AirPod-catching earrings.”