ICE and SoundCloud Reach Multi-Territory Licensing Agreement

ICE and SoundCloud Reach Licensing Deal
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Image by clement127 (CC by 2.0)

A comprehensive catalog for SoundCloud’s European users. Correct payments to artists. This deal is a win-win.

ICE and SoundCloud have reached a multi-territory licensing agreement, according to a statement released today. The licensing agreement includes the entire repertoire Germany’s GEMA, Swedish society’s STIM, and the UK’s PRS for Music. This follows a previous agreement reached between SoundCloud and PRS for Music since the music launched.

ICE is a world class supplier of business process outsourcing services for Rights Management companies. It launched back in 2015 and is the fruit of a partnership between PRS for Music, STIM, and GEMA. There are three specific services ICE offers. The company’s Operations provides online matching and processing services together with multi-territorial copyright services. Meanwhile, Services brings invoicing, legal support, and business intelligence analysis. In addition, Licensing provides consolidated licensing of PRS for Music, STIM, and GEMA.

The music streaming service’s new agreement with ICE covers the company’s services across Europe, including SoundCloud Go subscriptions and ad-supported offerings in the UK, Ireland, and France. With this deal, ICE partners will receive royalties when users stream members’ works on SoundCloud. The organization’s partner’s songwriters, composers, and publisher members’ works currently number around 250,000.

Speaking on the multi-territory licensing agreement, Licensing Commercial Director, Ben McEwen said,

“The deal with SoundCloud marks another significant step forward as ICE continues to work to simplify multi-territory licensing for the benefit of rightsholders and digital music service providers alike; we are delighted to welcome [the company] as a licensee”

SoundCloud is ecstatic about the news. According to Donagh O’Malley, Vice President of Content Partnerships, the move allows the music streaming service access to an expansive catalog. At the same time, the company can build a place for music lovers to check out and stream new and unique content. Meanwhile, the company ensures rightsholders’ works are rewarded and respected.