Despite a resounding Presidential victory for Donald Trump, many Californians are refusing to accept the result.  Now, a major West Coast rapper is preparing to joining the burgeoning California independence movement, ‘CalExit’.

Updated, Thurs. 2:30 pm PT: Since the publication of this post, several Silicon Valley tycoons have expressed support for the Calexit initiative.  That includes Hyperloop cofounder Shervin Pishevar (mentioned in our initial article), as well as Jason Calacanis and Path co-founder Dave Morin.  Others are expected to join; no word yet on support from the creative (and hip-hop) communities.

It’s less than 24 hours old, but it’s already gaining steam.  It’s the California Independence movement, dubbed #CalExit on Twitter.

The concept is simple: California would secede from the United States of America, leaving 49 states behind.  As the sixth largest economy in the world, California would then exist independently from its ‘Red State’ enemies.

+ Information on California Independence Referendum 2019 

The move is technically allowable in the US Constitution. Though, technically, the Constitution would not apply to a seceded, sovereign state.  And, drafting a separate California Constitution would be an obvious next step.  As would electing a new president.

A referendum would happen as early as 2018, creating an independent California by 2019.  And in case you’re wondering, CalExit’s resemblance to ‘Brexit’ was done intentionally.

Details — so far — on the rapper.

Already, potential backing and celebrity endorsements are waiting in the wings.  That includes the possible involvement of a major West Coast rapper, according to an early morning tip to Digital Music News.  The rapper, who is solidly anti-Trump, is weighing the details of his involvement and planning a final decision this week.

The rapper’s involvement could rally involvement from other California-based rappers.  At present, it remains unclear if the rapper’s support will be above board, or initially behind-the-scenes through donations and involvement.

One issue for the rapper’s involvement, according to the source, is whether the movement itself has enough steam.  In the coming days, details like the ‘CalExit’ name could change, and a united front of backers could supercharge the movement.  Of course, the Catch 22 here is that the involvement of this musical celebrity would be all it takes to generate substantial momentum.

But there’s also a possible career problem: Red State fans may dislike the idea, and abandon the artist because of his politics.  But that could work both ways, with the rapper solidly ‘repping’ his home state and the West Side.  And, assuming a leadership position in the newly-independent California.

Early steam for #CalExit.

Currently, the concept is trending on Twitter, but too small to be taken seriously.  Perhaps the most serious backer is venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, who vowed to fund the initiative if Trump prevailed.

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But Pishevar only made his vow before Trump emerged victorious.  Will the venture funding heavyweight put his money where his mouth is?

Other backers building.

Other proponents of the initiative include heavily-read blogger Perez Hilton.  “Seriously. What are the steps to make this possible??? We must secede!! #Calexit‘,” Hilton expressed.

Nikki Finke, founder of, is also blasting out early details and expressing support.

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Underlying the frustration is the feeling that California is paying the bills for the Red States, but getting none of the benefits.   Or, receiving a negative return.  Instead, many supporters feel chained to Trump supporters and initiatives that make little sense for Californians.

Maybe this tweet expresses that sense of divide a little better.

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18 Responses

  1. Peter Bogdanoff

    For a number of years there has been an on and off movement to break California in to two states: north and south. There was also in the past a movement to break some states away from the US: it led to the Civil War. That probably won’t happen again soon. At any rate, California which is now a solidly blue state is very much in bed with the Federal government, and that regardless of who is president. It is an interesting idea–although it would take far more than four years to accomplish, and who knows, maybe this unnamed rapper might be running for president by then?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I asked that exact question: if the rapper would try to assume a leadership position within the new country of California. They said that’s not a consideration yet, but, of course that’s the answer any good politician would give.

      DMN is also learning that there might be an initial multi-million dollar infusion from the rapper, but also that a broader fund-raising effort would be required. They seem confident that a break-off could happen as early as Jan. 2019.

    • Anarchist Capitalist

      You beat me to it with the north/south Cali state secessionist movement. The joke would be on statist Progressives because after seceding from the US to form the country of California–all the income producing counties would secede from them including north part of state, Orange County, and east of San Diego. I’d love to see this happen!

  2. Unsigned

    Real garbage people should leave trump and let him do his job they are all upset because he won…Hollywood and snoop dog can f*ck-off they think this is a movie this is real life they fear real change trump needs to regulate the shit out of corrupted Cali…we the people spoke so fu*k all these media puppets…

  3. calexit_fan

    “we the people”…

    Check the results of the popular vote asshat.

    • Unsigned

      Asshat lol popular vote that was rigged talk about the any states that had their votes going clinton by defualt like whats wrong with you dummies seriouly…listen keep your Cali nastiness over there trumps on his way to clean all that shit up dont worry see ya’ll soon with the Lysol…

      • Captain Reality

        Let’s get this straight. The votes that led to Trump’s electoral college victory are legit and people need to accept it and move on, but the votes that led to Clinton’s win in the national popular vote were rigged. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

        • Anonymous

          Do you have any idea how you sound…just stating the facts sir/miss/thing corruption was huge on the clintons in this election for a fact trump won the hard way and still manage to secure majority vote in all 3 sectures of government so wipe your tears…Cali will never get that séparation sorry…change is on its way…

  4. What.

    because it’s that easy…

    The logic behind this article is truly mesmerizing.

  5. danwriter

    California already has a constitution, as does every other state in the union. They may have to develop a foreign policy, but the state’s politcal mechanism is in place.

    Now, who is “the rapper?”

  6. Ro

    The votes are in, the popular vote was definitely rigged as it’s always everybody knows that. It’s not a secret. Go to the election map and you’ll see that Clinton won the popular vote by 0.2 %. Barely skimming it.

  7. sick of the losers

    grow up you anti-democracy idiots….we have an electoral college, if you dont like it work to change it instead of crying in your cornflakes.

  8. Anonymous

    We shouldn’t secede, if for no other reason than that it would be wrong to abandon the democrats in the other 49 states. Also, I don’t want a wall on our eastern border. There will be action that we will need to take to stand up against all the very bad things coming our way. But this ain’t it.

    • Peter Bogdanoff

      Is that eastern wall to keep Californians in or others out?

      • Anonymous

        I figure an independent California won’t go along with Trump’s immigration policies, and wouldn’t allow a wall to be built along our southern border. Trump would want to ensure any immigrants from Mexico aren’t able to enter the US through California. Hence, the eastern wall. It sounds stupid, but remember that this is Trump we’re talking about.

  9. #CalExit

    No offense to the author: I know you had the best of intentions, but #CalExit very much predates Trump. I’m glad it’s getting press as a result of Trump, but to call #CalExit a result of Trump is to feed the narrative of those who seek to destroy it.

  10. It's me.

    Let’s not be naive and make this about race or wealth. This is about fundamentals. A Calexit can be a major win/win and will further the great America experiment. No more hate, no more fear and no more arguing. We as a country are fundamentally at a crossroad. The people of California and the Democratic party want to embrace European ideals and the Trump supporters and Republicans seek fiscal responsibility. This way everyone can have what they want. I think we can actually get both parties who are sick of hearing from each other to agree on something, to part ways! Let’s do it!

  11. Sven Serrano

    While Yes California campaign has been slowed by revelations that its leader Louis Marinelli is living in Russia and receiving assistance from a government-linked group in Moscow, the legitimate state-based organization, the California National Party is growing and plans its first Convention in early March in Los Angeles. Their long term goals include registering 50,000 voters to their party in order to get legal status, then run candidates in state and local elections. More here