Band Pays $1 Million to Open for Motley Crue, Gets Sprayed With Urine

Motley Crue Sued for $30 Million for Spraying The Raskins with Urine
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Motley Crue Sued for $30 Million for Spraying The Raskins with Urine
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Image by AJ Reinhart (CC by 2.0)

Motley Crue was known for their bad boy antics. $1 million later, the Raskins found out the hard way.

Mötley Crüe is now facing a serious lawsuit by a former opening act, a group effectively swindled and terrorized.   Logan and Roger Raskin, the two members of the Manhattan rock group, The Raskins, are now suing the band for $30 million.

The Raskins paid $1 million to Motley Crue to open for the band back in 2014.  That seems like a borderline scam, especially since few have even heard of the group.  But adding insult to that injury, the group says they were treated with extreme disrespect while on tour.

The Raskins state that the 2014 tour was sabotaged by months of hazing.  According to The Raskins, they were forced to play short sets in largely empty venues, with Motley’s manager refusing to open the doors to venues on time.  Their sound mix was either turned off or interfered with during their shows.  They couldn’t sell merchandise, nor did they have any dressing rooms. They were also physically struck with heavy equipment.

“water guns filled with urine…”

The New York Post article article specifically points out one event.  At a stop in Darien, Connecticut, Mötley Crüe’s road crew ran out on stage in monkey masks and doused The Raskins with “water guns filled with urine.”

The rockers also claimed that Artist Group International negotiated the contract, but terms weren’t honored.  The Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit names Tenth Street Entertainment, AGI, and other production companies.

The Raskins describe themselves as a rock, retro, alternative, and pop-rock group.  In a 2014 press release, Logan Raskin said about his band,

We work and strive extremely hard for success with our music. We write and perform because it’s our passion. It’s what we love to do.

You can check out the group’s single, We Had It All, on YouTube (embedding is disabled for this video).

Neither group has commented on the article, nor the alleged events surrounding the 2014 tour.  We’ll have more as the lawsuit moves forward.

8 Responses

  1. pat

    “The Raskins paid $1 million to Motley Crue to open for the band”
    Please tell me this isn’t true.

  2. Esquire

    A million to open for the Crue on tour, all from Daddy, and this is their take on things:

    “Our project was all done in a very grass roots way. So for all the up and coming young artists out there, you really can, with the way the internet is and the way music is now days, do everything on your own … Just never quit and never give up on your dreams because its all possible, we are proof of that fact.”

    Uh-huh. Right.

  3. RockerMamma

    I’ve heard the Raskins play — unimpressive, and both times I wondered, why would they be touring with Motley Crue?! Makes sense now … they paid for the gig. This is a couple of brothers who thought they would make it big and get recognized and would be loved by all of the Crue fans. That didn’t happen, so now they’re whining. I’ve also seen the MC road crews in action. They were professionals, they worked their butts off, and barely had time to eat, much less act stupid.

    • Anonymous

      So getting shot with piss was acceptable? Don’t give a fuck if they paid or not….Some states that is a felony. Buy hey they’re the Crue so it’s all good.

  4. Basil Brush

    Still it’s a bit rough and disheartening to have that done to you, especially after handing over a million..