Is Pornhub About to Purchase Vine? Get Ready for 6 Seconds of Porn

Will Pornhub Really Acquire Vine?
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Adult mega-site Pornhub is still interested in buying Vine from Twitter.  But now they’ve got competition. Here’s the latest update on the possible purchase, and a future of 6-second porn.

Everyone thought it was a joke.  But Pornhub was totally serious when they offered to buy Vine from Twitter last month.

Pornhub executive Corey Price even penned an open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.  Just days earlier, Dorsey made the difficult decision to shut Vine down.  “My company Pornhub, the leading adult entertainment site with more than 60 million daily visitors, has a lot in common with Vine,” Price stared.  “Now, before you start rolling your eyes, hear me out Jack.

“We’re interested in purchasing Vine from you.  We figure since Twitter has dropped it and is having significant layoffs that you and your stakeholders could benefit from a cash infusion from the sale of Vine”.

Suddenly, ‘NSFW’ was about to go haywire. Because, hey, 6 seconds is enough!

Pornhub can definitely afford it, but there are plenty of other companies also interested.  Earlier this month, TechCrunch pointed to ‘a large number of bids, including several from Asia,’ while noting some fell below the $10 million mark.  Pornhub wasn’t mentioned in TechCrunch’s report, though the adult website would be competing with Asian social media giant LINE, among others.

It now appears that Twitter is mulling its options, and possibly engaging a buyer.

Pornhub declined to comment to Digital Music News for this report, only saying ‘nothing as of yet’.   But that might be because of a quiet period leading into the sale.  Traditionally, serious acquisition processes require complete confidentiality.  Leaks can kill deals, and even draw fines from regulatory agencies like the SEC.

Meanwhile, the costs of running Vine are undoubtedly being considered.  According to a New York Times report, it costs more than $10 million — a month — to run Vine.  That includes both hosting, which Pornhub probably has covered.

More as this develops!


Image: The Vine (1923), Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (taken June 2009 by ketrin1407, CC by 2.0).





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  1. Anom Nom

    Here’s a question… How rich is PH and can they join the big league of mainstream
    Internet social sites..?

  2. Corey noprice

    Who would be sad enough to watch six seconds of porn and get off on that? I’m pretty sure all the videos would just be “facials” and nothing more.

    Get lost Pornhub. Always weighing in on other businesses, it’s annoying.