Madonna and Lady Gaga Accused of Lying About Their Violent Rapes

Piers Morgan Attacks Madonna and Lady Gaga "Rape" Claims
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Piers Morgan Attacks Madonna and Lady Gaga "Rape" Claims
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Image by Steven Viemeister (CC by 2.0)

Would either of these singers fabricate something so serious?  Now, Piers Morgan has launched an all-out Twitter offensive against Lady Gaga and Madonna, accusing both of making up their rapes.

Lady Gaga made headlines last week after admitting she suffered PTSD.  She told a group of young LGBT people in New York she was raped, with major mental damage the result.  NBC’s Today show taped and aired the segment.

Madonna confronted her own sexual assault at knifepoint during an acceptance speech at the Billboard Music Awards.  The horrific nightmare occurred on a rooftop, while the singer was still struggling.  Madonna was only 19 years old at the time, but first shared the story a few years ago.

Lady Gaga thanked Madonna for revealing the incident.

Serious stuff.  But could something so serious be totally made up?  Now, top British journalist Piers Morgan is expressing serious doubts about both singers’ versions. On Monday, he tweeted:


Users on social media quickly scrutinized and harshly criticized the comments. Piers Morgan didn’t back down, however. The former CNN host said,

Responding to criticism, Piers Morgan asked,

According to Morgan, Lady Gaga and Madonna have both used the stories to promote themselves as artists. In Lady Gaga’s case, her rape and PTSD allegations are merely marketing stunts to promote her upcoming album.


However, Lady Gaga unexpectedly responded to Morgan’s harsh claims.


Finally, Piers Morgan invited her to an interview. The Twitter exchange finally ended when Lady Gaga accepted.

However, once she agreed to do the interview, Morgan couldn’t help plug the event. Lady Gaga wasn’t amused.

It’s currently unknown when the interview will take place.

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  1. Danwritre

    Morgan is a Fleet Street scumbag censured and fired multiple times at rags like News Of The World and other Murdoch shitsheets. A less-accomplished Donald Trump.