Bouncer Gets Fired for Eating Burger and Fries Near the Stage

Former Bauhaus Frontman Peter Murphy Kicks Out Security Guard
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Former Bauhaus Frontman Peter Murphy Kicks Out Security Guard
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Image by Terry (CC by 2.0)

I can haz cheeseburger? Not for former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy.

When you’re hungry at your job, you take a quick break and grab a bite to eat.  Sounds normal, right? We all get hungry at one point or another. Unfortunately, former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy doesn’t agree.

The Boston Globe reports that a bouncer at the Middle East nightclub got in trouble with the former frontman. Peter Murphy complained that the security guard ate a hamburger and fries during his show Friday night.

Murphy performed at Cambridge club.  The show was sold out.  An upset Murphy left the stage and confronted the guard about eating too close to the stage.  He then told the crowd that he wouldn’t until the club removed the bouncer.

Emily Taylor, a Cambridge massage therapist, spoke with The Boston Globe. Taylor is a longtime Peter Murphy fan. According to her, the security guard shouldn’t have eaten his burger and fries near the stage. She believes the former Bahaust frontman didn’t feel well. However, when Murphy called out the security guard, the bouncer didn’t stop eating. She described the situation.

They nearly got into a physical altercation. [The guard] got pissed at Peter Murphy. You don’t escalate the problem if you’re working security at a venue. You just don’t.

Raised in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire in England, Murphy joined rock group Bauhaus. He later went on to release solo albums that deal mainly with gloomy poetics. Albums include Deep, Love Hysteria, and Come to my Gig. He’s also appeared with Trent Reznor. The former Bauhust vocalist is not known for his kind temperament.

Following the altercation, Middle East nightclub contacted The Boston Globe. The club dismissed the security guard involved in the altercation. They also dismissed a second bouncer also involved. The club has also declined to mention their names.

Fans have since dubbed the event “Burgergate.”

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    “…the security guard shouldn’t have eaten his burger and friends near the stage.”


    • Anonymous

      Can you fix the other mistakes as well? This is just sad and could really use a good proof reading. You’re missing words.