2016 Deaths: The Long List of Famous Musicians and Entertainers

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Just one day after her daughter’s death, ‘Singing In the Rain’ star Debbie Reynolds has passed away.  That adds to a long, long list of musicians and entertainers that passed away in 2016.  Here’s the ever-growing count of 2016 deaths.

December 28th: Debbie Reynolds, actress and ‘Singing In the Rain’ singer.

December 27th: Carrie Fisher, actress (daughter of Debbie Reynolds)

December 25th: George Michael, pop superstar

December 24th: Rick Parfitt, singer.

December 23rd: Heinrich Schiff, Austrian cellist

December 18th: Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress, socialite

December 13th: Alan Thicke, actor, songwriter

December 7th: Greg Lake, musician

November 24th: Pauline Oliveros, composer

November 24th: Florence Henderson, actress

November 13th: Leon Russell, musician

November 7th: Leonard Cohen, singer-songwriter, poet

October 2nd: Neville Marriner, classical conductor

September 8: Prince Buster, singer-songwriter, producer

August 29th: Gene Wilder, actor

August 28th: Juan Gabriel, singer-songwriter

August 19th: Lou Pearlman, boy band manager and producer

July 24: Marni Nixon, vocalist

June 23rd: Ralph Stanley, bluegrass musician

June 10th: Christina Grimmie, singer

June 3rd: Muhammad Ali

April 21st: Prince

March 29th: Patti Duke, actress

March 24th: Gary Shandling, actor, comedian

March 8th: George Martin, producer, composer, arranger, engineer

January 26th: Abe Vigoda, actor

January 14th: René Angélil, manager

January 14th: Alan Rickman, actor, director

January 10th: David Bowie

January 1st: Vilmos Zsigmond, cinematographer

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  1. avo1

    if you list actors, then you should also list BUD SPENCER who died on June 27th

  2. asd

    I immediately knew that this article was written by Paul… just by reading the stupid title. List of dead people? Wtf…

  3. five cents

    Artists, musicians, songwriters, publishers, producers, record label execs..
    We’re all human – some of us are rich, lot’s of us are broke and there’s those

    What do we all have in common…

    1. We all have a dream – a successful music career whether it’s in front of the
    camera or behind the mixing console..

    2. One day all of us won’t be here… it’s just a matter of time..

    3. Everything in life is just borrowed.. the house will remain long after we’re gone..
    our back catalog will still be around long after we’re gone.. all our money and
    assets will now belong to someone else after we’re all gone..

    4. None of us know when the bell will strike for us to wave goodbye merry ole earth..

    So, give yourself a good shake.. take a deep breath and commit to living your life
    to the fullest.. pursue all those dreams.. smile and laugh a lot .. make new friends
    and hold on to your existing friends.. and also make time to help others..

    Don’t wreck the planet and don’t be nasty.. Be a good guy that people will like..

  4. The Ghost Of Jerry Garcia

    Maurice White


    Alphonse Mouzon

    Victor Bailey

    David Bowie

  5. A Music Fan

    Other artist losses in 2016: If you’re not familiar and love music, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check them out (If they have a website, try that first, then YouTube or Google them). They’re all amazing musicians who inspired millions around the world. Before you say out loud, “some of these people were elderly!” Yeah, I get it. Some of these wonderful people were of an older age, but I mention their passing too, because their contribution to music was a beautiful thing…and for us? A musical inspiration, if you’re not familiar and have an open mind to music.
    *Dan Hicks
    *Long John Hunter
    *Otis Clay
    *Paul Kantner & Signe Anderson (on the same day)
    *Denise “Vanity” Matthews
    *Frank Sinatra, Jr.
    *Phife Dawg
    *Clarence “Blowfly” Reid
    *Thunderclap Newman
    *Gato Barbieri
    *Lonnie Mack
    *Isao Tomita
    *Guy Clark
    *Prince Be
    *Ralph Stanley
    *Marni Nixon
    *Pete Fountain
    *Bobby Hutcherson
    *Juan Gabriel
    *Prince Buster
    *Buckwheat Zydeco
    *Mose Allison
    *Kay Starr